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Thursday, June 30, 2005

DivineTalk June 29th, 2005 ... I

Breaking News!

Last night around 3:00 am EST, I managed to get hold of God for a good 30 minutes!

You know, it’s getting harder and harder to try to get hold of Him nowadays. Apparently, He has got a lot more holy issues to tackle as compared to the good old days when our ancestors typically grind stone for fire and run around in the jungle hunting for wild hogs ... No thanks to pests like Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Depletion, Religious Fanaticism, Corporate Crook eg. Bernie Ebbers (ex-CEO of WorldCom) and you name it, they have it … This corrupted world of ours has nothing much good really, basically just full of craps and problems.

God has asked us to bear with Him for a while ... He will try to spend more time with us soon.

Realizing there is no time to loose, I quickly get into action ...

Me: “Boss, can we continue with some of the outstanding issues from the previous session?”

God: “What about?”

Me: “What say you, let's start off with ‘Who Are Your Children’ first? You said people of all shapes and colors are all your children but I am not too sure if you meant only the faithful or you meant to say any Tom, Dick and Harry including the bad guys as well as gays?”

God: “What do you think?”

Me: “I imagine you meant any Tom, Dick and Harry including criminals as well as homosexuals. Incidentally, majority of Your children seem to think the same

God: “Bona my blue-eyed boy (I am flattered!), your brain has grown from pea size into the size of a ping-pong ball (wow, one notch up in the world of IQ?). Congratulations!”

Me: “But my Lord, just to be sure, why did You tell the Semites that You have created only Adam and Eve ie. only Male and Female? As a result of this Biblical statement, most of Your children always have the notion that one must be either a pure male or a 100% female, and marriage must be a union between a man and a woman, anything else is invalid or otherworldly.

Not too long ago, some of your naughty children known as scientists have discovered some other human gender such as Hermaphrodite: True, Male Pseudo, Female and Pseudo. Apparently, they all are genuine human species. What do You say about this one?”

God: “Oh Bona my son, you are pushing me to the wall. Alright, I'd tell you what. They are all my children, positive, period. Bona, I really can’t tell you anymore than that because as a Holy Being, I am bound by Holy Ethics. I can’t reveal any Holy Secret without prior approval from the Holy Council … Hermaphrodite is unfortunately one of the Holy Secrets”

Me: “Okay my Lord. I shall ask Your children if there is a dire need to know the truth behind Hermaphrodite.

Meanwhile, guess Your confirmation “All Are My Children” is good enough for us to reject segregation of mankind as a result of literal interpretation … A notch up in the ladder of wellbeing for the mankind.

Thank You my lord.

I have another related question though,”

God: “What again?”

Me: “Did You actually tell Prophet Mohammad (founder of Islam) that You have no children but only slaves?”

Dear People: Do you have a solid reason for God to reveal the mystery behind Hermaphrodite?

Stay tuned for a decree on this topic and more revelations from His Almighty in DivineTalk June 29th, 2005 ... II

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Abortion IX … More about Personhood

Moving a step forward from PAIN: Embryo & Fetus, let's take a look at various conflicting views on when human personhood begins ...

A new human person is present at conception, at birth, or at some time between. After personhood is achieved, terminating life through an abortion is technically a form of murder which some people believe can never be justified (eg. Born Again Christian). Others (eg. Muslim) feel that such an abortion is a moral act if it is needed to prevent the death of the woman, or perhaps if it will prevent her from becoming permanently disabled, or in cases of rape or incest. Still others feel that an abortion can be a moral act for other reasons (eg. socialist & economist).

A newly formed zygote:(commonly referred to as a "just-fertilized ovum")

Unfortunately, there is NO CONSENSUS of when human personhood starts, let alone on the conditions under which an abortion of that new person should be allowed.

Science can tell us, with increasing detail, the processes that start with a sperm and ovum and end up with a newborn baby. But it cannot tell us:
  • Does the fetus have a soul?
  • When do the products of conception become a person?
  • Should a zygote be given a full set of human rights?
  • Abortion kills a human life. But Is an abortion murder?

These are questions with philosophical, religious and political aspects. Science cannot contribute a great deal towards resolving them. And because these questions have a religious component, the diversity of faith groups in this world assures that there will always be a wide variety of beliefs based on conflicting religious teachings.

Personhood starting at or shortly after conception

Most people in the pro-life camp accept the genetic view: that a human personhood comes into existence at conception. That is, a just-fertilized egg (as shown in the image above) is a full human being. Its rights, including the right to life should be protected. Conception is the point at which the DNA from the two parents combine to produce a new DNA which is unique to the individual. Some believers assert that this is when the soul enters the body. Of course, the existence of souls is a hotly debated topic about which no consensus exists.

Others believe that personhood is attained a few hours after conception; it occurs at the first occurrence of cell splitting when two cells, called blastomeres, are formed from the original single-celled zygote. More

Personhood starting when blood is first present.

One interpretation of a theme found throughout the Bible links human personhood to the presence of human blood. That is believed to appear in the embryo circa 18 days after conception. More

Personhood starting later in pregnancy

Most people in the pro-choice camp believe that human personhood happens at some developmental stage later in pregnancy. They base their beliefs on different reasons. More

Personhood starting during childbirth

A few pro-choicers believe that the fetus becomes a human person only after it has been delivered and is breathing on its own as a separate individual. There is some Biblical justification for this belief. Biblical justification for this belief Genesis 2:7 states that God made Adam's body from the dust of the ground. But it was only after God "breathed into it the breath of life" that "man became a living person." The traditional Jewish belief, also based on the Bible, is that full personhood is attained when the fetus is half-emerged from the mother's body. More .

No consensus and no compromise on the morality of abortion appears possible:

  1. To a person who believes that a human person is created at conception, abortion is a form of murder. Some pro-life individuals and organizations have suggested that an abortion clinic is the ethical equivalent to a Nazi death camp. They have suggested that embryo research is the equivalent of the fabrication of lampshades made from human skin in one of those same death camps. Some pro-lifers suggest that delaying the start of personhood beyond conception is analogous to the thought processes of slave owners. African-American slaves were once recognized as forms of human life, but not regarded as full persons. Similarly, during the Shoah -- the Nazi Holocaust -- Jews were considered as sub-human.
  2. To a person who believes that human personhood begins at the start of the second trimester or later, an early abortion is a regrettable option, but often the most ethical choice for a pregnant woman who does not wish to continue pregnancy for emotional, mental, physical, or economic reasons.
  3. Some believe that a late-term abortion can be justified for a variety of reasons:
  • A serious genetic defect in the fetus, which is often only detected in the second trimester.
  • A developmental problem in the fetus that will cause it to die within minutes or hours of delivery.
  • In cases where the woman would otherwise suffer permanent disability or a very serious health problem.

Public opinion surveys give conflicting results depending upon the precise wording of the questions asked. It would appear that a significant majority of adults in the US and Canada agree that a woman should have free access to a safe abortion in at least the first trimester.

In Canada and many countries of Europe, an uneasy peace exists. Abortion is legal and widely available. Abortion is generally accepted as a woman's right. The future status of abortion access in the US is however not so clear, it depends largely on the choice of new justices to be appointed to the US Supreme Court ... They may well overturn Roe v. Wade! More about conflicting believe systems on human personhood

So which group do you fall under? And how do you justify your believe?

If you have a chance to speak to God, what would you tell Him? Or for the nonbelievers, what would you say to the Supreme Court?

More comments at ...
Abortion I
Abortion II ... Pros & Cons
Abortion III ... Human Personhood

Friday, June 24, 2005

Abortion III ... Human Personhood

When does human personhood begin?

Judging from the various comments (typically pro-life & pro-choice) on the topic, I think the core questions is "When does human personhood begin?"

“Depends on whether you think of the fetus as being a living being or just a bunch of cells...” -- Quoted by Vidya --

Before we go into the conflicting beliefs about when personhood starts?

  • It happens at conception - the most common pro-life position
  • It happens when blood first appears - a new interpretation based on the Bible
  • It happens later in pregnancy - the most common pro-choice position
  • It happens at 14 or 22 weeks gestation - two novel arguments
  • It happens during childbirth - the traditional Jewish position
I thought it may be a good idea for us to take a quick look on the various stages of development from fertilization to a new born

Fact: It takes an Embryo about 10 weeks to be transformed into a Fetus (its face looks human; its gender may be detectable) and it takes about 4 months before its heartbeat is detectable. More at STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT, FROM AN OVUM & SPERMATOZOON TO A NEWBORN

1st Question: Can an embryo feel pain?

Many conservative Christians believe that the embryo can feel pain but scientifically… It’s a different story.

2nd Question: Can a fetus feel pain?

The short answer is yes. At some stage during pregnancy, a fetus becomes capable of feeling pain. But, there appears to be no consensus among experts about the point in the pregnancy when this happens:
  • Many physicians and researchers of fetal development believe that synaptic connections within the fetus' brain are necessary to perceive pain. These are not formed until well into the third trimester, when fewer than 1% of all pregnancy terminations are done.
  • Others, who tend to be pro-life advocates, believe that a fetus as early as 7 weeks after conception can feel pain. Thus, they believe that a fetus can feel pain part way through the first trimester, when most abortions are performed

It would appear that some of the experts' opinions are so heavily biased by their pro-life/pro-choice stance that they are incapable of making objective observations.

Many women seriously consider this factor when they are deciding whether or not to have an abortion. They are reluctant to submit to an operation that would be painful to the fetus. Women deserve to have precise information on which to base their decision. Unfortunately, emotional factors seem to intrude in this, as in all other matters related to abortion. Information is very easy to find. But its accuracy is almost impossible to evaluate.

Pain in an adult, child, newborn or late-term fetus originates as an electrical signal in some of the body's pain receptors. This signal is sent via nerve pathways to the spinal column, then to the thalamus - an egg-shaped structure within the brain. Finally the signal is transferred to the cerebral cortex where it is sensed as pain. In a fetus, the pain receptors develop around 7 weeks after conception; the spino-thalamic system at about 13 weeks. Finally, the connections to the cortex are established about 26 weeks into pregnancy. Some pro-life advocates believe that pain can be felt by the fetus when these systems are only partly formed. Most pro-choice advocates believe that the complete system has to be "wired up" before the fetus can feel pain - i.e. at about 26 weeks into pregnancy.

Statement by a Panel of Experts:

The issue of fetal pain was addressed by a working group appointed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the United Kingdom. The panel consisted of experts in fetal development, law and bioethics. Dr. Anne McLaren headed the group. She commented: "Fetal awareness of pain is a very emotive topic, of particular concern to pregnant women, but we have tried to approach it without preconceptions, to examine the scientific evidence dispassionately, and to identify areas where further research is urgently needed.''

The group determined that pain can only be felt by a fetus after nerve connections became established between two parts of its brain: the cortex and the thalamus. This happens about 26 weeks from conception. Professor Maria Fitzgerald of University College London, author of the working group's report, says that "little sensory input" reaches the brain of the developing fetus before 26 weeks. "Therefore reactions to noxious stimuli cannot be interpreted as feeling or perceiving pain."

They recommended that the administration of painkillers should be considered before an abortion for any fetus which is 24 or more weeks since conception. This would give a 2 week safety factor in case the date of conception is incorrectly calculated.Recent statistics show that of the 177,225 abortions performed in Britain during a recent year, only 92 (0.05%) occurred after 24 weeks

Statement by an "All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group:

"A group of pro-life advocates from various political parties in England issued a statement on "Foetal Sentience" in 1996. They concluded:"Since no direct objective method of assessing fetal pain exists, the crucial question with regard to fetal sentience is: At what stage of human prenatal development are those anatomical structures subserving the appreciation of pain present and functional?

The balance of evidence at the present time indicates that these structures are present and functional before the tenth week of intrauterine life."

Statement by Dr. Paul Ranalli:

Dr. Ranalli is a neurologist at the University of Toronto, in Toronto Canada. He is acting president of the de Veber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research. He gave a presentation called "Pain, Fetal Development, and Partial-birth abortion" on 1997-JUN-27 to the House Judiciary Committee of the State of Ohio. 2,3 He has concluded that the "spino-thalamic" system is fully developed at about 12 to 14 weeks of gestation. This is the system that conveys pain signals from pain receptors throughout the body to the thalamus. He apparently believes that the thalamus can feel pain, even though a connection between it and the cortex is missing.

To support his belief that a fetus in the second trimester can feel pain, he cites three signs:

  • a fetus will "withdraw from painful stimulation"
  • two types of stress hormones which are detected in adults who are feeling pain are also found in a fetus from when a blood sample is withdrawn. He quotes:

Nicholas Fisk of London, England who observed this reaction as early as 19 weeks, and J Partch of Kiel, Germany who observed it at 16 weeks.

More about Commission of Inquiry into Fetal Sentience and Laws regarding the use of fetal anesthetic during pregnancy terminations

Based on the prevailing intelligence we have on "Embryo/Fetus: Pain", at which stage during the course pregnancy do you think is when human personhood begins?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Contraception II ... Pharmacist

Pharmacists Refused Contraceptive Prescriptions!

Pharmacists = God's Agents?

Are Pharmacists Right To Choose?

The battle over reproductive rights has spilled over into your local drugstore. Lawmakers in at least 26 states have introduced bills that would allow pharmacists to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions if it offends their religious or moral beliefs.

No one knows how often pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions on these grounds, but it's already legal in a handful of states.

In addition, eight are considering similar "conscience clause" legislation that would protect pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions. What's more, legislators in South Dakota, Arkansas and Georgia hope to strengthen existing laws so pharmacists would be able to refuse to transfer or refer prescriptions for contraceptives to other pharmacies.

But four states are considering laws that would require pharmacists to do just the opposite - put their personal views aside.

An intermediary between the patient and the doctors to impose their ideology and their position on the relationship that the doctor and the patient have very, very carefully thought about -- where ask that stop? More at CBS ...

Related links ...

Two Questions: -

  1. Did God actually say NO to contraception?
  2. Do you think Pharmacists have the rights to Play God?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Abortion II ... Pros & Cons

Abortion I refers.

I invited views from the public on abortion and I have since received many comments both Pro and Anti ... looking at the issue from a variety of perspective including the religious ones; Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist (please see commentary in Abortion I for the various views) as well as some are based on social and economic reasonings.

Thank you all for the feedback and comments which I personally find informative and I am sure God will be overwhelmed (you bet He is a reading your comments).

As expected, most the religious quarters will insist No, No and No (it's murder ... Period). While some rational souls argue “It depends on whether you think of the fetus as being a living being or just a bunch of cells ...”, there are liberal minds out there think this is should be a matter of personal choice.

I personally feel we should always take the social economic factors into consideration. Don’t forget, unwanted pregnancy is a much bigger problem in places where there is no proper social assistance in place, particularly the developing world which is the very reason why I am seeking opinions on the subject matter on a worldwide basis.

Here is a related blog posted by Fortune Hunter from The Boonies, Canada

Ice Cold and Shaken

"...a NECESSARY EVIL and that unwanted pregnancy is not only a personal problem and it is also a very real problem for the society at large…”

I agree and disagree. Point being – it’s totally a personal situation a woman find herself in and society is only involved because of society’s stance stemming from it’s own internal and overseeing body of government, politics, religion and cultural ethics. "Do you think it is right to burden say a 15 years old school-going girl with a new life when she is yet to have any economic mean to sustain herself and obviously, most girls of her age are not mentally ready for a family life.”

Whether a 14, 15, 18, 21 right through to being 50 + years of age – abortion is abortion. Mentally is dependant on the individual. It’s easy to stereotype and assume a 16 year old has less means then a 30-year old woman. It’s also easy to assume the younger the woman the less we see them as mentally ready for family. But step back and think how many young mothers have done it and succeeded? Step back and think about how many 30 year old women we come across that have zero parenting skills no income, yet keep having children (I could go on and on with different situations – but you get the gist). So, mentally is dependant on the individual and age – although a factor – has little to do with it in that regards.
“Furthermore, is it fair to rob her of her career, aspiration, dream etc., in the name of preserving a life that is yet to be fully developed.”

There are many factors, thoughts and decisions that are made based on the woman’s choice. Has little to do with robbing her of future hypothetical aspirations and careers. A 16 year old can have a child,and through resources and support – can achieve anything. She might take longer to get there – but it is possible to reach it and achievement is based on her own personal strive, determination and support systems.

Fortune’s entire take on the matter: Should abortion be a legal choice? Yes. Even if it is banned internationally women will still find ways to end pregnancy. They have been doing it for years and just because government, religion or politics says No – it will still be a part of society. Women of all ages should be able to make a choice based on their own situation. And they should have access to proper medical, health and resources for such a decision. Regardless of race, culture, religion, income, living standards or age.

Pregnancy happens. We all know it can happen at 15 when the world is your oyster and the future uncertain. It can happen at 25 when things are going strong and career is heading upwards. Let it hit at 30 when you could be making great money with a kick ass job. But maybe it was with a high school sweetheart and you both didn’t know better, maybe it happened with a guy from the bar one night, maybe it happened with the 35 year old career set man who just doesn’t want children. Like I said, abortion is abortion no matter what scenario or hypothetical concoction we come up with. Therefore …

A woman needs to have the choice and such a choice needs to be met with the proper resources and support systems. Because ultimately, it’s a decision only her and her alone will hold for the rest of her life ...
Let’s continue to talk about it in the name of liberty and for the wellbeing of mankind.

PS: There are 47 comments in Abortion I

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

All Are God's Children?

Last night while I was in slumberland, voices of God Almighty suddenly popped up out of nowhere …

God: “ Son, I gotta rush to attend a holy conference right away, I just wanna tell ya something quickly so as to keep your head busy … “

Me: “What is it, my Lord?” (sometime I address Him as “Boss”)

God: “Listen carefully; ALL ARE MY CHILDREN. Discrimination is a dirty word in the Holy Vocabulary. I shall be back to give ya more details …”

Me: “You mean everyone? Including the bad guys? What about GAYS?”

God: “Use your head!

and off He went … ZZZzzzooommm!

I tried to use my head but somehow my pea-sized brain is failing me, could it be God is asking me to use the other ‘head’ of mine instead?

Meanwhile, I found some related materials …

Question: "Are we all God's children, or only Christians?"
Answer: The Bible is clear that all people are God’s creation (Colossians 1:16) but that only those who are born again are children of God (John 1:12: John 11:52: Romans 8:16: 1 John 3:1-10).
More at Are we all God's children

I don’t think the above sound like or resembling to what God has said to me earlier but who knows ...

Interestingly, I found out even Guru Nanak said "All Are God's Children" but the word ‘gay’ in nowhere to be found in his sayings … More at All Are God's Children

On the other hand, Islam insists God has no children, only slaves! More at Islam 101 Also, there is a fatwa (decree by clerics) about the topic at Fatwa Bank

The only conclusion so far … Sorry, no answer yet, can you help me out?

Related Topic: Homosexuality I

PS: Commentary Is Now Re-Opened To All

Monday, June 20, 2005

Response to various comments June 20, 2005

Good morning everyone.

I am feeling revitalized after a good rest. Looking at the comments mostly of Christian flavors, I thought it may be more appropriate to answer them in a new blog and here we go …


Nurse Ratchet, a Born Again Christian “You DO NOT speak for God. The Bible does (if you're a Christian), the Torah does ( if you're a Jew) and the Koran does ( if you're Muslim). What you are doing is what the Bible points to specifically as false teaching.”

I must ask God to clarify if it is true that ONLY Chrisatian, Jew and Muslim are His children (that means everyone else is bastard?).


John P. “Who are you? Your profile says your are 100+ years old. If so, you're a pretty hip old man - being that you blog and all. So, well...your words won't mean a thing to me when I find out that you are not 100+ years old”

Trying to discredit me? Don't you ever do that again, such cheapies will reduce your credit needed to get to the Heaven. Anyway, no sweat on my part.

Hip? Oh yeah, you better believe it; I am a contemporary animal. Being a representative of God, I have to observe certain divine rules and regulations and as far as my personal data is concerned eg. the age you see on the profile is generated by Blogger.com and does not reflect my true worldly age but I shall reveal the truth when the time is ripe … so stay tuned.

BTW, God has asked me to keep things confidential due to SECURITY concerns. See, I am spearheading discourse on religious taboos and judging from the massive amount of offensive spams posted in the past several day (one of the member of the salvation army has gone as far as posting verses from Bible and gross vulgarity virtually every other minute on the first 1-2 day when this blog was born) ... Guess I am obviously already on the radar screen of religious fanatics and the holy extremists ie. chances for me to be abducted and beheaded is very real. God therefore instructed absolute caution aganist any potential danger because I got a mission ie. disseminating information on His behalf ... would you like to join me to spread the divine message from God?

God willing, I shall be around to spread the divine message from God for a while more …

All I can tell you for now is about my name‘La Bona’ is a God inspired name; it means “The Good” in Esperanto (the most popular international language which is neutral and relatively easy to master). And lets hope the smart ass now know 'Bona' is not female or gay, it is 'Good', okay?

Yes, and that is precisely the core message God asked me to convey to the world: Being good is the way forward, leading a righteous life is simply the absolute law of life (not praying day and night or to give generously to the church) for the contemporary souls!

As for your “You said in your "Welcome..." first log that you are "His official mouthpiece." Would you say that you speak for God exclusively? + An anonymous “Dear DIVINE TALK. What if I told you that God just told me to tell you that I am taking over your official post as official messenger? What would you say to that Crusty?"

No at all. I don’t have exclusive right or monopoly from God to speak on His behalf. Such privilege (or unfair practice) is not stated in my Holy Convenant and as a matter of fact, I am an advocate of open competition; Competition Rocks!

In order to improve efficiency, I am sure God would want to appoint more representatives and as such, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to submit your resume and I may even give you a good reference ... if there is anyway I could verify you are a worthy candidate.

“Do you believe that the Bible is completely true? How about the Koran? What is your religious affiliation(s)? + Anonymous "What you claim God tells you goes strictly against His Word. He would not have His Bible here for us and then tell you to tell everyone that He changed His mind."

Basically, the existing holy books are ‘quite’ true except there are some issues God wanted to clarify eg. what we are discussing in this blog ...

As for the Bible, please watch CNN’s “WHO WROTE BIBLE” for a clue.

BTW, you certainly need some caffeine if you still think Jesus Christ was born on December 25th!

John P. “I am a follower of Jesus'”

Doesn’t this explain your bias or prejudice? Wake up and open up your mind, God is here to give guidance to the lost souls …

John P. “a couple blogs back a commenter commented that you are not a messiah if you die for, as you would put it "good cause" but a martyr. Being that many have died for "good causes" in all religions, how many messiahs could there be, if you hold to your definition of one?”

I never claim to be a Messiah (I am certainly not one if the Dictionary.com is correct and it says Messiah means Savior of Mankind ... I haven't saved a single soul). All I said is I do aim to be one someday (it's a noble idea, I think).

As for the title Martyr … Yes and no. Yes, I am willing to die for a good cause but No, certainly not strapping bombs around my waist and pilot a plane to crash the WTC … God told me there are better things to do on earth eg. setting up a communication link between God and His children.

Messiah, martyr or what have you are just worldly descriptions. Without sincere action and genuine sacrifice, they mean nothing to God Almighty. Is Jesus Christ a real Messiah? Is Mohammad pbuh is bona fide Prophet? Is the Torah a mirror reflection of God’s mind? Unless you can convince me that it is absolutely necessary for us to find out the truth which I fail to see a good reason to do so, I say let's just forget about it or take it as one of those fairy tales you and I have come across when we were kids eg. SnowWhite and The Seven Dwarfs.


Paul “I was born "Southern" and I am proud of it. As for gays and lesbians, I do not advocate their lifestyle, but I do not persecute them either. “

Good on you, buddy. Way to go …


Umm Junayd “Since you don't seem to know that much about what Islaam says about contraception I'll generously inform you that although some Muslims may regard the condom as 'evil' it does not reflect the teaching that contraception is indeed allowed in Islaam.Where you got your misinformation from, God knows!”

Which verse in Koran say contraception is indeed allowed? Please do not quote any decree from the clerics …


Mario “the topics you put on you blog are interesting, but also very clishe. There's no point in arguing about abortion... Christians say NO, from a spiritual point of view, and you can't change their minds... “

May God save the lost souls …


Naheeda "My religion, Islam doesnt allow abortion, unless mother's ill or problem with baby in womb."

Thanks Naheeda. Again, I think we should rethink if a complete ban on abortion which has created lot of social problems is something sensible, divinely speaking.

Facts: Muslims (and Catholic) countries are grossly overpopulated and remain some of the poorest in the world! (Quote me: mainly due to the the fact that poors have no or very little access to proper healthcare for abortion)


Thank God for giving me another day of meaning in life ... GOD ROCKS!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Homosexuality I

I have requested a divine session with God to seek His advice on Homosexuality and God willing, the session will be grant ASAP.

Meanwhile, I suggest lets have chat on the topics first so that I could be better prepared for the divine session.


Human sexuality researchers, professional organizations and liberal religious groups appear to have reached the consensus that:
  1. heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality are normal, natural variations of sexual orientation, found throughout all societies and cultures
  2. sexual orientation is determined before a child reaches school age
  3. sexual orientation for many (perhaps most) is genetically predetermined at conception
  4. sexual orientation in adults is unchangeable
  5. a continuum exists between homosexual and heterosexual orientation; a minority of people have a bisexual orientation
  6. through effort, prayer and counseling, an adult's behavior can be changed:
  • the possibility of leading a celibate life is open to all
  • bisexuals can lead celibate lives or can decide to confine their
  • sexual interaction with same sex or opposite sex people
Human beings are either androgynous or another sex, which is called “Hermaphrodite” in biological term. And this is divided into three groups: True, Male Pseudo and Female Pseudo. However, likewise all are genuine.

According to the existing holy books , God created only male and female. If so, how do we justify the existence of Hermaphrodite? I gotta ask God about this one ...

True Hermaphrodites: A person born with both ovary and testicular tissue, this could be 2 separate gonads ( one of each) or a combination of both in one (an ovotestes). The genitalia can vary from completely male or female, to a combination of both or even ambiguous looking. The chromosome (karotype) compliment can be XX (female), XY (male), XX/XY (mosiac) or even XO (extremely rare). Those XX with female genitalia are raised female ( some have even given birth). Those XY with male genitalia are raised male ( a few have fathered children). The children born XX/XY or XO (with genitalia male or female are raised in the sex they look most like). Those born with ambiguous genitalia have many medical tests for the doctors to determine which sex they should be assigned. Doctors then recommend early surgery to make the child look physically like the sex assigned to them.

FEMALE PSEUDO: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) it occurs approximately 1:14,000 births. This is when the adrenal glands overproduce testosterone. It also has been recorded that some persons with this disorder had been exposed to progesterone-like drugs before they were born. When sex has been set, exposure to unusual levels of testosterone when in fact you are female - can cause development of the male characteristics.. the clitoris may become a penis... the structures are remarkably similar in function.. the clitoris is actually larger in nerve innervations than the penis..

MALE PSEUDO: A person born XY with testes (usually in the abdominal cavity). The external genitalia are usually female but can be ambiguous. The most common cause is Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). This is when the body doesn't respond to the androgen being produced. There are different variations: Complete (CAIS) , and Partial (PAIS). This condition has a variety of names and occurrence rates.

Many conservative Christian churches have reached a different consensus, that:

  • homosexual behavior is evil, sick, disordered and abnormal
  • only heterosexual behavior is ordained by God; homosexual and bisexual behavior are sins
  • sexual orientation is a choice that a person makes
  • sexual orientation is determined by upbringing, (perhaps by parenting) not by genes
  • sexual orientation can be changed during adulthood
  • sexual behavior can be changed; homosexuals (for example) can decide to remain celibate, or seek sexual relationships with either males or females
  • one is either homosexual or straight

What say you?

Reference: Religious Groups' Attitudes Toward Homosexuals and Homosexuality: Conflicts between Organized Religion and Society

Friday, June 17, 2005

Coming Next ...

God willing, we shall talk about Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage tomorrow ...

Abortion I

Another issue plaguing mankind since time immemorial is none other than ABORTION

We all know that all the existing religions simply will say NO to abortion. No question, no debate and no compromise.

I personally certainly do not condone anything that deny life but hey, look at it this way, abortion is a NECESSARY EVIL, unwanted pregnancy is not only a personal problem and it is also a very real problem for the society at large.

I therefore raised this question with God and He has advised that abortion is a Circumstantial Issue ie. there is no absolute right or wrong, however, I didn’t manage to get God to elaborate at length as our divine session was approaching the end then.

As it is now, I imagine God advised that abortion shouldn’t be dealt with literally as if it is an act of murder as some quarters would like to portray. It is a complex issue whereby all circumstantial factors must be taken into consideration before one conclude if it is a right or a wrong thing to do.

While I definitely will seek further clarifications from God pertaining to abortion in the near future, I would appreciate it if you could come forward with your views and thoughts.

Lets debate on say an unwanted pregnancy for a school-going-teenage girl (hypothetically let say she is 15 years old). Do you think it is right to burden her with a new life when she is yet to have any economic mean to sustain herself, let alone another person and obviously, most girls of her age are not mentally ready for a family life. Furthermore, is it fair to rob her of her career, aspiration, dream etc., in the name of preserving a life that is yet to be a life (I personally don't consider a life is a life ... if a life is yet to be finished or fully formed)?

Again, please be rest assured that God is more liberal and democratic than you think, blasphemy is therefore never an issue here, so please do come forward with an open mind.

God bless.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Contraception I ... Condom

Muslims regards the invention as against God’s will, and that God asks them to reproduce in mass. We know Catholics despise the mini glove and I am sure many Christians are also dead against the rubber attire for the same reason …

So I asked God last night about it and here comes the virgin decree from my God …

"Condom is meant for those who are NOT ready start a family and or singles engaging in sexual activities either with a permanent partner or with undetermined number of partners. It doesn’t matter which category one falls under; whether low risk or high risk, heterosexual or homosexual and it doesn’t matter what is your contraceptive objective, be it preventing disease or avoiding pregnancy and until there is a better invention, condom is the answer to minimize sex related diseases and disasters due to unwanted pregnancy

- designated for Conception/Contraception/Gadget/chapter 1/article 1/verse 101 -

Any comment?

God wants to hear from you …

God reckoned the best way forward is to have His Words improvised and updated with the prevailing circumstances so that the divine doctrines and or laws will evolve with time and stay relevant to His Children in the very era they live in.

This website is designed to serve as a divine forum where laws, standards, values and code of ethic on morality, lifestyle, business and just about anything else related to our life will be published, discussed and eventually endorsed by God and His Children to be observed as the way of life.

Everyone is therefore welcome to express their views on just about any subject matter to be published hereafter by La Bona on behalf of God and or His Children. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or write to La Bona directly at divinetalk@gmail.com on just about anything … You will not be charged for blasphemy, guaranteed.

Welcome to DivineTalk

Hello everyone,

My divine name is La Bona, it is a God inspired name meaning “The Good” in Esperanto (current the most popular international language which is neutral and relatively easy).

I have been appointed by God (in my dream dated June 14th, 2005 timed 01:00 AM Eastern Standard Time) with effect from June 15th, 2005 as His official mouthpiece or if you like, I am His messenger, representative, agent, spokesman, secretary, servant or just about any other civilized title you may think of ... It all means I am the link between the worldly and the heavenly and as such, please address me as Prophet Bona if you are a traditionalist. Otherwise, just call me La Bona or simply Bona and the young ones are definitely most welcome to call me Bro ... absolutely no sweat.

This first task God has asked me to accomplish is establish a basic communication link so that all His Children can talk to Him freely and directly. And here it is ... post anything here and I'd try to get God to response to you ASAP.

God Bless.

Faithfully yours,
La Bona
Divine Representative
Chapter Planet Earth

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