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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Contraception II ... Pharmacist

Pharmacists Refused Contraceptive Prescriptions!

Pharmacists = God's Agents?

Are Pharmacists Right To Choose?

The battle over reproductive rights has spilled over into your local drugstore. Lawmakers in at least 26 states have introduced bills that would allow pharmacists to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions if it offends their religious or moral beliefs.

No one knows how often pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions on these grounds, but it's already legal in a handful of states.

In addition, eight are considering similar "conscience clause" legislation that would protect pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions. What's more, legislators in South Dakota, Arkansas and Georgia hope to strengthen existing laws so pharmacists would be able to refuse to transfer or refer prescriptions for contraceptives to other pharmacies.

But four states are considering laws that would require pharmacists to do just the opposite - put their personal views aside.

An intermediary between the patient and the doctors to impose their ideology and their position on the relationship that the doctor and the patient have very, very carefully thought about -- where ask that stop? More at CBS ...

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Two Questions: -

  1. Did God actually say NO to contraception?
  2. Do you think Pharmacists have the rights to Play God?


Blogger La Bona said...

A related comment by Umm Junayd “ ... that contraception is indeed allowed in Islaam ... "

I asked "Which verse in Koran say contraception is indeed allowed?" So far, no feeback yet.

I imagine if the decree (that contraception is OK) was issued by clerics, it simply mean general consesus prevails (over literal interpretations). And that the Holy Books should therefore be served as reference but not necessary to be observed literally and blindly ...

10:43 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Not giving out birth control? That sounds odd. If a person really thought it was wrong and never gave it out. Couldn't the buyer just go to another drug store?

12:23 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I don’t think you can have an opinion on abortion unless you’ve been in the situation of choosing to have the child killed or keeping the child. I can see people doing it if the mother was at risk of dieing.

Besides that, I do think that a 15 year old should have a life, but why would she be having sex at such a young age? They know the risks of having sex, and that one of the risks is having a child. So if she never wanted a child, she shouldn't have sex.

12:31 PM  
Blogger cassandreos said...

Hey La Bona cool blog. I love people who talk to god, not to repeat whatever some very old book has deemed appropriate, but to help us in thinking.

I'm sorry Laura but having sex or no is not an option that should even be put to the test. Poeple will have sex. Now what should we do after. That is the question.


12:38 PM  
Blogger BloggerGuy said...


Thanks for your comment!

I agree with you, one thing is your profession and another your beliefs. So pharmacists shouldnt have to play God as you said. They should do their jobs and thats it.

I dont believe in God, sorry i cant answer first question.

My gf had an abortion, we talked about it and we did it. I dont regret it.

Best wishes! and i ll visit u again! i love your topics! n well visit me any time; if u want i can add movies about ur topics.

Free Movies, Files and more...

12:41 PM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

Well I don’t believe in a “God” in the traditional sense that most people mean when they talk about God, and I certainly don’t belong to any sort or organized religious group or dogma. So I guess I don’t believe “God” in any incarnation has any specific hard line opinion about birth control because I don’t think the powers that be, if they/he/she/it exists, operate in that way.

And of course Pharmacists do not have the right to withhold a medication that a doctor and patient have decided is the best thing for that patient. It’s their choice, and it’s the Pharmacists JOB to deliver that medication, not to force their worldview and religious beliefs upon other people. If they want to withhold birth control then they can take responsibility for any children born due to their priggish holier-than-thou attitude, love them raise them and send them to good colleges. That would be about square.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I noticed that your ab0rtion comments were centered around the selfish self interests of the carrier of the child. How about these questions,

Do you think its' fair to the living child to have its' God given life stolen from it through brutal means?

Do you think its' fair to society that we lose so many of our future scientists, engineers, inventors, people who could find cures for cancer and AIDS, to ab0rtion?

Do you think, with my being the youngest of five children in a family of limited, some would say impoverished means, that I should have been ab0rted? All your pro abortion comments can be applied to my family's situation as well.

What precedent does it set for our society that we encourage people to take the lives of our least protected? What's to keep me from taking someone's live when our society accepts it as normal? What kind of a lesson is that teaching us? Is it any coincidence that homicides are up?

Also, you act as if a pregnant human has no option but to write their life off. That is not true, I know soooooooooooo many people looking to adopt who can not. Why not put these beautiful children into loving homes?

Do you think its' fair to the carrier of the child to be encouraged to ab0rt, only to mature and regret it, and even be haunted with nightmares about it, for the rest of their lives?

Do you think its' fair that we allow people who's decision making processes haven't fully formed, to make life effecting decisions that can potentially ruin the rest of their lives, such as murder?

2:20 PM  
Blogger The Fonz said...

shananigans - I don't think you realize that it's the other way around. The pharmacists are not forcing their religious beliefs on other people, but are making sure their job is not intruding on their religious beliefs. Many of those who believe in God put God first and worldly affairs second. That is how saints are made. These pharmacists should be admired for ordering their lives in the way they do. They are in no way playing God, but are listening to God's words. They just recognize a divine law, and they put it ahead of the laws of man.

Laura, rock on. There is still a word called "responsibility" floating somewhere out there, but people have become to afraid to grasp it. Your body and what you do with it is your responsibility. ALL actions have consequences and we are responsible for those consequences because we control the body that controls the action. The girl knew the possible consequences of sex, so she should be willing be responsible for those consequences, no matter what they are.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

If medical professionals have no discretion (and the Right to Choose what to do based upon their belief, experience and education), why should they be medical professionals? If they have no ability to control their destiny, they are reduced to mere clerks filling orders at the pharmacy. Forced carriers of birth control pills, if you will.

Would it be any different if a retailer decided not to dispense guns? If pharmacists can be coerced to violate their beliefs, would it be any different if the government made it mandatory that guns be distributed to any citizen holding a proper gun permit and a clear background check upon demand even if the retail clerk had strong personal beliefs against guns because of personal or religious beliefs?

The free market place should take care of all these problems without regulations designed to violate a person's Right to Choose to honor an ethical system. People wanting birth control pills will know where to go. People will always find a way to get what they want and someone will start a business near to those people to fulfil their needs and desires without the need for government coersion.

Deliberate Chaos

3:23 PM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

lar-bear: potayto potahto, tomayto tomahto, let’s call the whole thing off. The very reason I don’t much like to enter discussions/arguments about abortion, birth control, and reproductive rights is that most of the time no one is swayed, everyone gets their dander up, no progress is made, and often nothing good comes of it. I’m a firm believer in keeping religious beliefs removed from the workplace and government where they may impinge on others’ rights and free will. If one is going to work in a field where they feel their religious beliefs may prevent them form performing duties that are standard and expected of their job and position, maybe it’s time to consider another career. It’s not like the pharmacists went into their chosen careers blindly, they knew most pharmacies are in the practice of dispensing birth control to those with a prescription for it. Just my opinion.

3:29 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Awhile ago, someone quoted "In life, you need faith. In work, you need faith but there are not the same faith"

Shananigans, take it easy. Discourse is good for mankind. Believe me, you are doing the world a favor. A noble deed, so to speak.

4:28 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

posted by Laurence Simon

I am unfamiliar with the licensing of pharmacists and the obligations of a pharmacy to carry any and all medications or devices that are likely to be prescribed or requested.

Even though a doctor shouldn't have to make such decisions, a doctor that writes a prescription for RU-486 should direct a patient to a pharmacy that they trust and know will carry the drug.

If a pharmacy is legally obligated to carry a drug and doesn't, then they should lose whatever licensing they have.

If a pharmacist refuses to dispense a drug based on personal or political beliefs against the conditions of their license, then they should lose their license so they are no longer burdened with a carrer in pharmacy so they may go pursue a carrer that fits their belief structure.

5:24 PM  
Blogger marathonbabe said...

I think nobody has the right to play GOD. Although there are people who believe in GOD and I respect their choice, I hardly can genuinely believe in GOD. The only thing I believe in is the spirits we all have right now.

I think pills just make life easier, and self-will weaker.

I am in no position to judge on people who decide for an abortion or not because I do not know their situations but I can say once a reproduction occurs, it is a living thing.

7:00 PM  
Blogger goingaway said...

"Did God actually say NO to contraception?"

Unfortunately - I come from a background of many many religions and philosophies. That's what happens when you are surrounded by Jehovah Witnesses, Athesists, Gays, Lesbians, Catholics, Born Agains and Angelicans along with two sociologists, a few social workers and of course my own parents that are a mixture of liberalism and "I have no clue". Makes me the type of person that would rather say.... No. If you have a God and if that God says so, then so be it. I on the other hand go with the idea that it's MAN WHO SAYS IT not God. Afterall, there is no big voice saying "no Fortune don't buy birth control when I'm at the pharmacy!" It's just a man behind the counter.

"Do you think Pharmacists have the rights to Play God?"

Absolutely NOT. Pharmcists job is to prescribe drugs that a physician prescribes. However, more and more often - you hear of medical professionals bringing in their own beliefs into what they do. Is this right? My thought has been - if your usual pharmacists starts practising such a thing - then go SOMEWHERE else because you can not mix religion and your HEALTH.

Not to get off beat - but here's a story I like to share with people.

During my second year of computer studies in a huge college town had many walk in clinics. Many of us female students had to make use of these facilities because we were unable to travel back home to use our regular doctor. Case in point - my girlfriend ran out of birth control and was unable to get back home for her yearly physical and a refill on birth control. The doctor at the clinic ended up giving her a speach about being 24, single, having sex out of marriage and refused to give her the pill. This is AFTER the examination was done. Consequently, another friend went after and got the same treatment. This time the same doctor told her how it was against his religion and that women should not be having sex out of wedlock. This all at a clinic that is two blocks from a college.

In the end - a few months later - we heard that doctor was brought up for discussion due to complaints with the Ontario Board they have for doctors.

I discussed this with my family physician I have known for 12 years. He admitted to being extremely religious - but told me that what he practises (much less any doctor's beliefs) should NOT be brought into a doctor's practise. The two entities should always be separate. He basically said, that if he started dictating his beliefs on clients, that would be wrong because his job is to bring good health practises, health education and medical attention to those that need. NOT a religious speech.

So, there you go. That's my scoop.

7:01 PM  
Blogger goingaway said...

Oh I forgot...

Your question about the Koran and it being allowed.

I did some research into this. Amazing. I ain't "so" bright on a Friday night, however, my take is that a lot of the verses from the Koran are actually quite - hmmm I'm sure there is a better word then "liberating" however, the thing about the Koran in general terms is that it has a lot of teachings that are on many levels. From research - I could not find one quote that came right out and said YES YES CONTRACEPTION is awesome. But what I did find - is that the Koran tended to mix a lot of "rights" with non rights. It's like saying - yes we give you women more rights then the man when it comes to birthing babies, but - we can steralize you in a heart beat. I know - my take on it is harsh, but it's odd. Anyways, here are two links that will maybe help in the perspective as WHY you can not find a definite quote on contraceptives. And if there are any muslim women out there - feel free to comment blog cause I would really like to know more about this.




7:22 PM  
Blogger Jonno said...

Response to EddieLampert as posted to his blog:

in your anti-abortion comments on a pro-abortion website you imply a connection between abortion and a rising homicide rate.
First of all, all statistics I read seem to say that homicide rates have been down DRAMATICALLY in the past several years (in fact apart from the terrorist attacks in 2001 they have been going down since about 1990). I would like to see where you draw your number from.
Secondly, you seem to imply that people are encouraging women to have abortions. I have never heard of people encouraging women to have abortions but rather to understand that it is one of the very difficult options available in a very difficult situation.
Thirdly, your comments seem to be in response to an entry that has nothing at all to do with abortion. It has to do with birth control, an issue it would seem you should support in the effort to reduce abortion.

Just thought you should have a response.



7:34 PM  
Blogger goingaway said...

Have to side with Jon on that one. I've read the same stats AND a lot of them HAVE been going down - not because of terrorists attacks - but due to many ... government subsidized support programs and services. It's amazing what happens when - society progresses there are many more options of support in specific locales and the stats that support either decline or upcline...

Good insight Jon.

8:30 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Right on, MissFortuneHunter.

“Do not mix religion and HEALTH”

Guess that must be the new truth I have been searching for … pretty much like “Separation of Church and states”

8:35 PM  
Blogger goingaway said...


Although, separating Church and State just OPENS another can of worms...

I'm sure you will think of something... *chuckles* ...

Cause technically a lot of countries are still governed by the church - which ultimately makes the states... thereby well ... there blows a lot out or in the window depending how you view it....

I so recommend you do a blog about developing countries and church/state thingy. Cause when you look at it - a lot of the "old" church philosophies are what prohibits or ... can actually advance chuch/society/abortion/God's children no matter how you view it.

But that's just a thought...

8:49 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

by Byron

Pharmacy is a private business. they have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Think the Gov. should dictate private business, move to Canada or Sweden.

9:19 PM  
Blogger goingaway said...

Thank you for that insight.

I forget how many countries are "actually" under that "private" sector law.

Opps Me.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

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10:20 PM  
Blogger weirsdo said...

I am responding to your comment on my blog here. Hope that's o. k.

Since pre-Roe v. Wade statistics show that many women and girls lost their lives in illegal abortions, I believe that anyone who truly respects life should want to keep abortion "safe, legal, and rare," as Bill Clinton put it.
I do not believe pharmacists who are not receiving public funds should be legislated, as this would unconstitutionally restrict their freedom of religion. I hope the free market system would keep a supply of drugs available regardless of what some individuals chose to do. As a first step, perhaps the AMA or a professional pharmacist association should create a list of pharmacists who are willing to provide all drugs. If some areas are underserved, perhaps the drugs should be made available over the Internet.

1:52 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

by Broadsword The Band

I support a woman's right to chose. It is no sin against man or by man and has been around from the beginning. There is, in reality, no stopping it and there never will be. That simple. No matter what this nation does. It is a personal decision of a woman.. and not a public one. It is private and that of the individual solely. No One else's business and should not be a political football to keep America off-balance... For that is what your leaders do and why they do it. Same with Taxes. Same with Race. Same with Welfare. These items have been used by politicians for years to divide and they are NOT nor have ever been THE ISSUES OF THE DAY.

This nation is not under God. It's light has dimmed across the Globe. It is reality for anyone who travels outside this country. It was not like that... even a few years ago.

The threat to Roe vs. Wade in this nation comes from the same primary group that justified Slavery under Christianity and under God. It comes from the same group who justified war in Iraq under God and a leader as well. It comes from the same group that believe the place in America for The Ten Commandments is the courtroom when in fact it would be sacrilegious and it minimizes these same laws because the laws of this nation violate many of them as well as the courts.

On another note:

It is not an issue for men. Their involvement is suspicious and driven by control and power exclusively. I know... I am a man. There thrust is that of misogyny and not of any God I have known to man.

At one point in the world the American flag represented 'Slavery' worldwide.

One mustn't be fooled and I am not anti Christian when the steps of Jesus are walked in.. I told you a reality and there are more.

Americans... across the board must stand. I can not say that clear enough. This is it. and... has not a thing to do with the diversion of American Politics. To destroy America is NO answer.

When and if America stands this becomes a non-issue.

Many other issues that trouble us and are expressly used to do so will go away as well.

Pray to God. Man is now an unbalance to the world as he has usurped 2/3 of it's natural resources. Most of that has happened since the industrial revolution. There is one third left and NO PLAN. It is ignored. What do you think? That the problem is not going away or does not belong to the average human? The heads must come out of the sand. America must step out of it SUVs, put their burgers and fries down and look to the heavens for now is the time.. It is upon all mankind and will become evident within years.

China is rising economically and pass the United States within years. One can now read it as China scours the earth for energy in an unstoppable economy. The Rothschild's are buying up their banks. They have no allegiance to the natural order. Their system is destroying God's creation. It is a reality... and left unchecked.. Man will soon be decimated.

Mankind has put it self in a true catch 22... Can mankind turn this around with it's singular voice? I am not so sure as it's voice has been risen against this nation and president..... and Americans have done little to stand and fight.

Not about destroying America and violence is abhorred by this man. With NO exception. One man or woman can make a difference to the entire world. All I must do is point to a Ghandi, A Nelson Mandela, and the list goes on.

ALL THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE SEEK BALANCE. There is NO exception and it can not be said and justified otherwise. Ponder it for it is the very first law of God. It is the natural order.

One World Order that America is striving for is nothing more than a dictatorship all over the world with no choice. One world order is not a good thing. and....... what happens in man's dictatorship?

I am rising to meet it head on. There are others.


11:02 AM  
Blogger cassandreos said...

Interesting discussion. We have now gone from abortion to the state of the planet. I would suggest that praying alone will not do the trick, but this, your blog, might help.
To link the three, abortion, state of the planet and god, try my most recent post if you like.


You could also try reading "A short history of progress" by Ronald Wright

La bone, you're definitely on my link list.

11:45 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Thanks, Cass
I have included your site in "Divine Links". Have a nice weekend.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

What would a pharmacist think about a man filling a perscription for Viagra? Would he question whether that man was filling the prescription in order to procreate with his lawful spouse? Or whether he had a young sweetie? Or even an underage sweetie?
How about if someone was filling a prescription for Dilantin or some other drug that is toxic in quantity? Would the pharmacist ask whether the person filling the prescription was planning to murder someone with it?
I thought it was up to the doctor and the patient to determine what medications were necessary and ethical.
I frankly don't see that god or the freaking pharmacist come into it at all.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz) said...

Your two questions aren't directly related?

"Did God actually say no to contraception?"

No. But he does say that sex is to be part of a heterosexual, monogamous, lifelong relationship. The role that contraception plays within that framework is completely different from its role in a society that has thrown of biblical morality.

"Do you think pharmacists have the rights to play God?"

I think you are overdramatising the question, and missing the point. Isn't sex illegal for under-16's? So if a pharmacist provides contraception to a minor, doesn't he become accessory to a crime? Isn't forcing other individuals to become complicit in criminal - or even immoral - activities more "playing God" than acting on the basis of ones conscience not to sell a product to various groups of people who I might think may be harmed by the consequences of its use?

6:57 PM  
Blogger cassandreos said...

Hey probably Paul, I'm sorry to disapoint you but sex is not illegal. Not under 18, not over 18, not even extramarital sex. What is illegal is for someone over 18 to have sex with an under 16 (or 18 depending on the state I think). But sex is not illegal per se. Not between two teens. It used to be that sex between poeple of the same sex was illegal, but that is not true anymore either. Only marriage is at issue for the same sex group. Unless I am totally out of touch with the
US situation...

As far as the Bible goes, there is plenty of polygamy going on in the old testament, but I will grant you that in the gospels I do not think that there is.


11:47 PM  
Blogger Transplanted Lawyer said...

This is a letter I wrote to my state legislator, who sponsored a bill in Tennessee similar to the one under discussion.

Senator Finney:

I am one of your constituents; I voted for you in November. I write today to express my dismay at your sponsorship of the Pharmacist's Freedom of Conscience Act and to respectfully request the withdrawal of this legislation from the General Assembly. By copy of this correspondence to Representative Overbey, my representative in the State House, I urge him to vote against this legislation should it come to a vote before the House, and by copy to Governor Bredesen, I urge him to exercise his veto power should the legislation come across his desk in the future.

I am sure that you and your staff have been advised many times already that most of the controversial medications that would be affected by this law have multiple uses, some of which are not the subject of any reasonable moral objection. Birth control pills, as you undoubtedly know, are used to regulate painful menstrual cycles as well as for contraception. I’ll not elaborately belabor this objection to your law, particularly when I have so many other objections.

No tangible good will come to Tennessee if this act becomes law. Assuming arguendo that some nebulous moral benefit may be found in making particular kinds of medications harder to obtain, patients will simply find more pharmacies that are willing to dispense the medications that they and their doctors have decided upon as being to their benefit. Legislation to outlaw illegal narcotics has proven singularly ineffective at reducing the consumption of illegal substances, so great is the demand for them. How much greater will the demand be for substances which are legal? So if the objective is to reduce the amount of particular kinds of medications that are consumed in Tennessee, the law is doomed to be a failure.

To obtain legal medications in a world where the Pharmacist's Freedom of Conscience Act makes patients jump through the extra hoop of finding a pharmacist with no moral objection to dispensing legal medications, however, those patients will have to travel greater distances to obtain the medications. It is not hard to imagine that this will take place disproportionately in rural areas, where incomes are lower and pharmacies are fewer and farther between. This will make the effective cost of already-expensive medication for already-poor people even higher.

Some patients may choose to travel out of state to obtain their medications and possibly their prescriptions, depriving Tennessee of much-needed tax income and economic activity.

It is not for a pharmacist to second-guess medical decisions made by doctors and patients. While knowledgeable within their field of expertise, pharmacists nevertheless lack the medical and scientific training necessary to evaluate a patient’s medical needs. Ultimately, decisions about which legal drugs a patient should take must rest with the patient. Permitting another person to interpose their own subjective moral judgments on a person’s decisions is an insult to individual autonomy. Nor are pharmacists particularly trained in issues of philosophy, ethics, morality, or sociology; their opinions on such matters should be expressed in the same avenues as are open to construction workers, accountants, college professors, stay-at-home parents, or any other profession you care to name – they can do what I am doing and contact their representatives in Nashville to let their opinions be known. What they should not do is unilaterally impose their individual moral judgments on medical decisions that have already been made by competent professionals and their patients.

Pharmacists serve as gate-keepers for the purity and control over medications that, if left available over the counter, are potentially dangerous to a broad spectrum of society. Their job should be to make sure that the drugs dispensed are those that are prescribed. This is an important responsibility and the pharmacist’s license is one which rightly involves a not inconsiderable degree of public trust and responsibility. However, pharmacists are not the public’s moral watchdogs, and the State should not enable them to assume such a position in addition to the trust that is already placed in them.

Finally, I have grave concerns that the legislation would inevitable embroil the state in a costly, protracted legal battle regarding its Constitutionality. The state’s attorneys have better things to be doing with our precious tax dollars than defending legislation that appears to fly in the face of established Supreme Court precedent, which firmly indicates that individual citizens have Constitutional privacy rights to access contraception and that the State may not unreasonably interfere with the exercise of that right. Why spend thousands of hours of attorney time in a vain attempt to defend a law which only hurts and does not help the State in any manner, when those same hours of attorney time could be spent prosecuting violent criminals who pose a real danger to our society? It seems that you are setting the State up for a loss and it is better to not pick a fight that one is bound to lose.

However beneficent your motivations in introducing it, this bill will ultimately be a waste of Tennessee’s time, money, and energy. It would please me very much if, as the bill’s sponsor, you withdrew this proposal from the Legislature’s consideration.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz) said...

Sex is illegal for U-16's in the UK.

However, put it differently. In society today, do you think that the sexualising of younger and younger children is appropriate? Why should magazines technically for post-16's but actually read by young teens and preteens think it appropriate to teach them about oral and anal sex? Why should high street stationers be marketing Playboy branded goods for girls?

The selling of contraceptives to U-16's (or the pressure to sell them) is a presenting symptom of a much more serious disease - which is the cheapening of sex and the mistaken belief prevalent in society that sex is the same as love. Love should be nourishing and cherishing - sex outside a relationship where this is the structure is fundamentally a selfish act - particularly on the part of the male who gets the instant gratification of a quick orgasm.

The liberalisation of attitudes to sex has been yet another means of men getting what they want at women's expense. I can't believe that you guys can't see that.

9:48 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

I think there is a little misunderstanding here. Nobody is promoting illicit sex or advocating free sex.
We are just talking about a social problem called 'unwanted pregnancy' and its associated dilemma ie. abortion, which is at odds with most of literally interpreted religions including Christianity and Islam.
The objective here is basically trying to figure it out what could be the most acceptable or ideal solution.

4:27 PM  
Blogger RightGirl said...

"Do you think Pharmacists have the rights to Play God?"

La Bona, I must ask you what gives you the right to speak for God? Regardless of your personal views on any subject, be it abortion or anything else, these are YOUR views, not those of God.

I suggest you seek counselling.


2:24 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

What about the pharmacist civil rights? What about the civil rights of any medical professional that refuses to participate in an procedure that is against their personal belief structure? These individuals lose their civil rights when they walk in the door? There are plenty of other professionals who participate in questionable ethics, go to them. Like any retail industry, if you are not being provided with what you need, go elsewhere.

2:44 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...


"La Bona, I must ask you what gives you the right to speak for God? Regardless of your personal views on any subject, be it abortion or anything else, these are YOUR views, not those of God.

I suggest you seek counselling."

Thanks for asking and yes, I am constantly seeking advice and inspiration, both from the mass as well as the Almighty.

As for what right do I have from God? Well, basically just some non-exclusive opportunities to communicate, to seek inspiration and occasionally some advice (mostly very abstract in nature).

Being a contemporary soul, I should communicate with the mass in a contemporary fashion, which I shall do so slowly but surely.

However and it is now, it will be quite a while before I could do away with traditional stuffs such as the word God as this is what the traditional folks are familiar with (they have been brought up to believe God is what the holy books portray Him as ... )

I shall explain divinity from a contemporary perspective along the way ... Stay tuned but you are most welcome to ask me anything.

12:32 AM  

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Not Sure
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Is Harry Potter bad for kids?
Not Sure
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Are Santa Claus & Mickey Mouse bad for kids?
Not Sure
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Do pharmacists have the rights to refuse contraceptive prescriptions?
Not Sure
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Abortion: Where do you stand?
Depend on the Circumstances
No Sure
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When does human personhood begin?
It happens at conception (the most common pro-life position)
It happens when blood first appears (a new interpretation based on the Bible)
It happens later in pregnancy (the most common pro-choice position)
It happens at 14 or 22 weeks gestation (two novel arguments)
It happens during childbirth (the traditional Jewish position)
Not Sure
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Who are Children of God?
All Jews (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
Devout & Orthodox Jews Only
All Christians (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
Born Again Christians Only
All Muslims (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
Devout & Fundamentalist Muslims Only
All faithful of Semitic religions only (Semitic Pluralism)
All Buddhists (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
All Hindus (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
All faithful regardless of religion (Universal Pluralism)
All righteous people excluding Homosexuals
All righteous people including Homosexuals
Any Tom, Dick & Harry including Criminals
Not Children but we are all God's Slaves
Not Sure
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Are people born Gay?
Aboslutely Yes!
Very likely Yes
Abosolutely Not!
Very likely Not
Not Sure
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