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Thursday, June 30, 2005

DivineTalk June 29th, 2005 ... I

Breaking News!

Last night around 3:00 am EST, I managed to get hold of God for a good 30 minutes!

You know, it’s getting harder and harder to try to get hold of Him nowadays. Apparently, He has got a lot more holy issues to tackle as compared to the good old days when our ancestors typically grind stone for fire and run around in the jungle hunting for wild hogs ... No thanks to pests like Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Depletion, Religious Fanaticism, Corporate Crook eg. Bernie Ebbers (ex-CEO of WorldCom) and you name it, they have it … This corrupted world of ours has nothing much good really, basically just full of craps and problems.

God has asked us to bear with Him for a while ... He will try to spend more time with us soon.

Realizing there is no time to loose, I quickly get into action ...

Me: “Boss, can we continue with some of the outstanding issues from the previous session?”

God: “What about?”

Me: “What say you, let's start off with ‘Who Are Your Children’ first? You said people of all shapes and colors are all your children but I am not too sure if you meant only the faithful or you meant to say any Tom, Dick and Harry including the bad guys as well as gays?”

God: “What do you think?”

Me: “I imagine you meant any Tom, Dick and Harry including criminals as well as homosexuals. Incidentally, majority of Your children seem to think the same

God: “Bona my blue-eyed boy (I am flattered!), your brain has grown from pea size into the size of a ping-pong ball (wow, one notch up in the world of IQ?). Congratulations!”

Me: “But my Lord, just to be sure, why did You tell the Semites that You have created only Adam and Eve ie. only Male and Female? As a result of this Biblical statement, most of Your children always have the notion that one must be either a pure male or a 100% female, and marriage must be a union between a man and a woman, anything else is invalid or otherworldly.

Not too long ago, some of your naughty children known as scientists have discovered some other human gender such as Hermaphrodite: True, Male Pseudo, Female and Pseudo. Apparently, they all are genuine human species. What do You say about this one?”

God: “Oh Bona my son, you are pushing me to the wall. Alright, I'd tell you what. They are all my children, positive, period. Bona, I really can’t tell you anymore than that because as a Holy Being, I am bound by Holy Ethics. I can’t reveal any Holy Secret without prior approval from the Holy Council … Hermaphrodite is unfortunately one of the Holy Secrets”

Me: “Okay my Lord. I shall ask Your children if there is a dire need to know the truth behind Hermaphrodite.

Meanwhile, guess Your confirmation “All Are My Children” is good enough for us to reject segregation of mankind as a result of literal interpretation … A notch up in the ladder of wellbeing for the mankind.

Thank You my lord.

I have another related question though,”

God: “What again?”

Me: “Did You actually tell Prophet Mohammad (founder of Islam) that You have no children but only slaves?”

Dear People: Do you have a solid reason for God to reveal the mystery behind Hermaphrodite?

Stay tuned for a decree on this topic and more revelations from His Almighty in DivineTalk June 29th, 2005 ... II


Blogger Claidler said...

uncle pally- thanks for complimenting my blog, and yours seems to be strongly against abortion. i am only 13 years of age, but i am totally against abortoin. its just murder you can get away with. the person being aborted doesent get a say in it before being killed. its a cruel world, mate, keep on fighting the cruelty

1:44 PM  
Blogger Bible_sponge said...

What? God has all the time in the world...he's not too busy to talk with you. I am also against abortion....I dont care if a 15yr old girl had not one penny to live on, she should still give birth to her baby (god's gift.)

6:50 PM  
Blogger Kala said...

Here is my answer to your abortion question comment on my blog:

She should give the baby up for adoption. The baby should get a chance to have a normal, healthy family with a real mother and a father. And the girl should have thought about the kid factor before she started screwing around. If she was raped, same answer. Adoption. What right does she have to decide to kill that little miracle? The whole "we are an accident" belief is why this UNECESSARY EVIL happens. We do not value life the way we should. People are precious. But people forget that.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Dakini said...

I'd like to say nice con. I'm obviously pro life as you can see from the fact that you posted your comment on my little four year old daughters blog. Listen, if you are pro life and you were trying to get my opinion, how about simply telling me how beautiful my children are and your glad to see that another woman chose life. Simple isn't it?
btw-manipulation does not show you to be the divine messenger of God. Oh and just so you know, I may look white in my pictures, but I am Native American. We have the Creator.

12:06 AM  

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