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Monday, June 20, 2005

Response to various comments June 20, 2005

Good morning everyone.

I am feeling revitalized after a good rest. Looking at the comments mostly of Christian flavors, I thought it may be more appropriate to answer them in a new blog and here we go …


Nurse Ratchet, a Born Again Christian “You DO NOT speak for God. The Bible does (if you're a Christian), the Torah does ( if you're a Jew) and the Koran does ( if you're Muslim). What you are doing is what the Bible points to specifically as false teaching.”

I must ask God to clarify if it is true that ONLY Chrisatian, Jew and Muslim are His children (that means everyone else is bastard?).


John P. “Who are you? Your profile says your are 100+ years old. If so, you're a pretty hip old man - being that you blog and all. So, well...your words won't mean a thing to me when I find out that you are not 100+ years old”

Trying to discredit me? Don't you ever do that again, such cheapies will reduce your credit needed to get to the Heaven. Anyway, no sweat on my part.

Hip? Oh yeah, you better believe it; I am a contemporary animal. Being a representative of God, I have to observe certain divine rules and regulations and as far as my personal data is concerned eg. the age you see on the profile is generated by Blogger.com and does not reflect my true worldly age but I shall reveal the truth when the time is ripe … so stay tuned.

BTW, God has asked me to keep things confidential due to SECURITY concerns. See, I am spearheading discourse on religious taboos and judging from the massive amount of offensive spams posted in the past several day (one of the member of the salvation army has gone as far as posting verses from Bible and gross vulgarity virtually every other minute on the first 1-2 day when this blog was born) ... Guess I am obviously already on the radar screen of religious fanatics and the holy extremists ie. chances for me to be abducted and beheaded is very real. God therefore instructed absolute caution aganist any potential danger because I got a mission ie. disseminating information on His behalf ... would you like to join me to spread the divine message from God?

God willing, I shall be around to spread the divine message from God for a while more …

All I can tell you for now is about my name‘La Bona’ is a God inspired name; it means “The Good” in Esperanto (the most popular international language which is neutral and relatively easy to master). And lets hope the smart ass now know 'Bona' is not female or gay, it is 'Good', okay?

Yes, and that is precisely the core message God asked me to convey to the world: Being good is the way forward, leading a righteous life is simply the absolute law of life (not praying day and night or to give generously to the church) for the contemporary souls!

As for your “You said in your "Welcome..." first log that you are "His official mouthpiece." Would you say that you speak for God exclusively? + An anonymous “Dear DIVINE TALK. What if I told you that God just told me to tell you that I am taking over your official post as official messenger? What would you say to that Crusty?"

No at all. I don’t have exclusive right or monopoly from God to speak on His behalf. Such privilege (or unfair practice) is not stated in my Holy Convenant and as a matter of fact, I am an advocate of open competition; Competition Rocks!

In order to improve efficiency, I am sure God would want to appoint more representatives and as such, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to submit your resume and I may even give you a good reference ... if there is anyway I could verify you are a worthy candidate.

“Do you believe that the Bible is completely true? How about the Koran? What is your religious affiliation(s)? + Anonymous "What you claim God tells you goes strictly against His Word. He would not have His Bible here for us and then tell you to tell everyone that He changed His mind."

Basically, the existing holy books are ‘quite’ true except there are some issues God wanted to clarify eg. what we are discussing in this blog ...

As for the Bible, please watch CNN’s “WHO WROTE BIBLE” for a clue.

BTW, you certainly need some caffeine if you still think Jesus Christ was born on December 25th!

John P. “I am a follower of Jesus'”

Doesn’t this explain your bias or prejudice? Wake up and open up your mind, God is here to give guidance to the lost souls …

John P. “a couple blogs back a commenter commented that you are not a messiah if you die for, as you would put it "good cause" but a martyr. Being that many have died for "good causes" in all religions, how many messiahs could there be, if you hold to your definition of one?”

I never claim to be a Messiah (I am certainly not one if the Dictionary.com is correct and it says Messiah means Savior of Mankind ... I haven't saved a single soul). All I said is I do aim to be one someday (it's a noble idea, I think).

As for the title Martyr … Yes and no. Yes, I am willing to die for a good cause but No, certainly not strapping bombs around my waist and pilot a plane to crash the WTC … God told me there are better things to do on earth eg. setting up a communication link between God and His children.

Messiah, martyr or what have you are just worldly descriptions. Without sincere action and genuine sacrifice, they mean nothing to God Almighty. Is Jesus Christ a real Messiah? Is Mohammad pbuh is bona fide Prophet? Is the Torah a mirror reflection of God’s mind? Unless you can convince me that it is absolutely necessary for us to find out the truth which I fail to see a good reason to do so, I say let's just forget about it or take it as one of those fairy tales you and I have come across when we were kids eg. SnowWhite and The Seven Dwarfs.


Paul “I was born "Southern" and I am proud of it. As for gays and lesbians, I do not advocate their lifestyle, but I do not persecute them either. “

Good on you, buddy. Way to go …


Umm Junayd “Since you don't seem to know that much about what Islaam says about contraception I'll generously inform you that although some Muslims may regard the condom as 'evil' it does not reflect the teaching that contraception is indeed allowed in Islaam.Where you got your misinformation from, God knows!”

Which verse in Koran say contraception is indeed allowed? Please do not quote any decree from the clerics …


Mario “the topics you put on you blog are interesting, but also very clishe. There's no point in arguing about abortion... Christians say NO, from a spiritual point of view, and you can't change their minds... “

May God save the lost souls …


Naheeda "My religion, Islam doesnt allow abortion, unless mother's ill or problem with baby in womb."

Thanks Naheeda. Again, I think we should rethink if a complete ban on abortion which has created lot of social problems is something sensible, divinely speaking.

Facts: Muslims (and Catholic) countries are grossly overpopulated and remain some of the poorest in the world! (Quote me: mainly due to the the fact that poors have no or very little access to proper healthcare for abortion)


Thank God for giving me another day of meaning in life ... GOD ROCKS!


Blogger Ali Baba, pbum said...

well said, my friend.
serve the chauvinist christians right on!
bible is the only truth? what a load of crap!

12:57 PM  
Blogger God said...

Who in the what now? I didn't give you a day of meaning, I have today off. I guess I do rock though, thanks.

3:04 PM  
Blogger scambuster said...

Oops, there is another God out there?

Does that mean the Bible talk nonsense?

Prophet Bona, I am afraid you have to ask God if he is the only god in heaven.

Come to think of it, it may be a good idea to have several gods, they say competiiton is healhty, I guess god is no different.

3:25 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

From: Jane Doe <”masked”@yahoo.com>
To: divinetalk@gmail.com
Date: Jun 20, 2005 4:51 PM
Subject: my last comment

You commented to me on your blog:

"Anonymous "What you claim God tells you goes strictly against His Word. He would not have His Bible here for us and then tell you to tell everyone that He changed His mind."

I gotta discuss this at length in a new blog. Basically, the existing holy books are ‘quite’ true except there are some issues God wanted to address … Please watch CNN’s “WHO WROTE BIBLE” for a clue. BTW, you certainly need some caffeine if you still think Jesus Christ is born on December 25th!

As for your "I thought I had answered this, and maybe I did and you deleted it." in answering my query "How do you know God never speak to me, you have access to God directly?"

You bet. I have deleted and I shall continue to delete all 'overly' offensive comments such as those from a low-life who have resorted to the use of gross vulgarity (and quoting Bible at the same time). God doesn't deserve that ... period.

Warning: Please have minimal degree of respect for God Almighty or you will face disasterous consequences, guaranteed ... A message sponsored by His messager."

Here's what I had all ready to post:

"Delete this comment if you want. All I want to say is that the Bible is true. Yes I know God inspired people to write it, like Paul, Moses, David, Solomon, John and others. But He's not now telling you that things that are sin in His Word are now ok. Who cares if Jesus Christ was born on December 25. What matters is that He was born, He lived and taught, He died for the sins of anyone who believes and accepts, and rose again so that we can be in Heaven someday with Him if we do believe and accept that gift He gives to us. He is offering us eternal life!

It's not certain religions that are God's children. He created everyone. Anyone who turns to Him, realizes that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and repents and lives for Him, has the gift of eternal life. It's that easy.

With that said, I am sick of you getting a kick out of messing with people's heads. I didn't want to leave without saying this. But I will no longer read blogs that out right lie about God. The God of the Bible, who is the one true God."

That's what I was going to post. Unfortunately, I can no longer post, even if I don't do it as anonymous. So, instead of anyone being able to leave some Truth on your blog, you can just mess with people's minds. But, like I said, I'm through with reading the stuff on your blog anyway, and I will just continue to pray for the lost and hope that someone reaches those who read it, and shares the Truth with them.

7:22 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Jane, thanks

Appreciate your comment. I'd publish it in no time but please blame it on the fanatics, I don't mind criticism but they have certainly gone overboard, I could not accept plain vulgarity as comments, just bear with me for the time being, I'd try to reopen the commentary ASAP.

Don't leave; do engage yourselves (and your fellow Christians) with the world, we want you.

God is the Most Forgiving.

7:28 PM  

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