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Friday, July 15, 2005

Dear Osama bin Laden

While I am looking for some stuffs to blog on Harry Potter, here is a letter dedicated to the terrorist faggot ... Omama bin Ladude The Brutal Moron

Dear Osama,

You believe the following propositions:

  1. The US is embarked on an imperialist project to dominate the world.
  2. Muslim societies should be reconstructed on the basis of the true principles of Islam; and
  3. Only terrorism can achieve your goals.

As for your first argument, you are wrong to generalise about Americans.

Many are deeply troubled and critical of George W Bush's administration, and have protested against the recent Iraq war.

Many who support his administration do so because they are fearful of another Sept 11. As long as you resort to terrorism, you reinforce their fear and support for Bush's policies.

As for your second argument, I could not disagree more. History confirms my view that identifying religion with the state corrupts both. Religion does have a place in public life. But that is completely different from saying that the state should be based on, enforced, or be guided by religious principles.

The situation is made worse by the fact that you don't take an open, tolerant view of religion but a static, self-righteous and dogmatic one. This commits you to a politico-religious party supervising all areas of individual and social life, the surest way to destroy religion, create a
terrorist state, and turn human beings into soulless robots. Have you learned nothing from the disastrous experience of Iran and Saudi Arabia?

A truly religious person wants to live by the values and beliefs of his religion. If the state has to enforce them on him, then clearly his religion has ceased to have any meaning for him. A religiously-based state is a sacrilege to God and the human soul.

Finally, you make a serious mistake in resorting to terrorism. Take the case of the Palestinians. They have used violence. Israel has responded with greater violence. The result is an increasing brutalisation of both societies.

There is not a single example in history of terrorists creating a humane and healthy society. Today, Osama, you use terrorism against the West, tomorrow your own people will use it against you and claim the same justification for it. When will the vicious circle end?

To condone isolated acts of violence by desperate individuals is one thing, to make violence the central principle of your struggle is completely different.

You should know by now that your brutal methods have done incalculable harm to your fellow Muslims, you have discredited a great religion. Millions now instinctively associate Islam with violence and murder.

You have also deeply divided the ‘ummah’ subjected your followers to torture and degradation, and rendered miserable the lives of many innocent Muslims.

It is high time you grew out of your infantile and despicable obsession with death and destruction, abandon your messianic zeal, and show some humility and humanity. But I fear this may be beyond you.

Next ... Harry Potter: Return of the Wizard

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Blogger Jez said...

I would agree on the whole(apart from the use of the term 'fagott'). However, I would add that there should be no reference to religion in anything associated with the state(ie on banknotes, in a court of law, in the constitution, the national hymn...).
Also, apart from the fact, that I can not view any religion as being 'great', however I would agree the islamists are doing a disservice to Islam just as western politicans discredit 'democracy' which can justly be associated by some with violence and murder.
Therefore, I think that with a few minor alterations, the same letter could be written to Bush, Blair & co.

6:09 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Sir Jez, I wouldn't rebut your input ... sounded fair enough.

8:55 PM  
Blogger GrumbleGrouch said...

I mostly agree with Jez, but I seriously disagree with the main points of the original article.

1. The US is embarked on an imperialist project to dominate the world. There is a distinction between the people of the US and the national policy of the US. La Bona is right in that the people of the US have no imperialist intent. Osama is right in that the US, acting as a nation among nations, is following an imperial path toward domination of the rest of the world.

2. Muslim societies should be reconstructed on the basis of the true principles of Islam. La Bona may be correct in saying history tells us that's a foolish, impractical and self-defeating goal. But most people fail to read and heed history. We should have learned from the failure of our experiment in the prohibition of alcohol that prohibition of drugs would fail. And there were plenty of historical models, from the failure of our Vietnam adventure to the successes of the Roman empire, to tell us how and how not to invade Iraq. Anyway, if you believe the Bible, the ancient kingdom of Israel was for a long period a successful state based on religious principles. So was the Islamic empire of the Middle Ages. And W himself is pandering to extremists who believe that the whole world should be reconstructed according to the true principles of Protestant Christianity.

3. Only terrorism can achieve your goals. La Bona argues that terrorism accomplishes nothing. And yet, the 9/11 attack on the WTC accomplished a lot. It caused us in the US to turn against the UN and our European allies, compromise the freedom we cherish, and waste our substance trying to attain security. Osama may not yet have helped himself and his allies, but he has succeeded in weakening his enemy.

3:13 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...


I just got a reply from from Osama's ‘daughter’ who identified herself as ‘Obeza binte Laden’ ... Any comment?

9:58 AM  

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