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Friday, July 22, 2005

Reply from ’Osama bin Laden’?

The letter to Osama bin Laden refers.

Here is a letter from his ‘daughter’ who identified herself as ‘Obeza binte Laden’

Baseball, apple pies and innocents killed

Peace be unto thee.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Obeza binte Laden, the daughter of you-know-who. My father would kill me if he knows I have written to you. But I feel I must to respond to your letter to him.

While I don't disagree with the points you expressed in your missive, they are so typical of Western views. Apart from making a perfunctory reference to the American people objecting to the Iraqi war, you did not make mention the US's litany of political interference in the affairs of sovereign nations around the war. And those had not been for democracy, freedom or that terribly hypocritical word 'regime change', but rather for America's interests.

We had suspected but now know for sure that the US had attempted to influence the last elections in Iraq, using retired CIA operatives and untraceable funds to promote Allawi and his party so that he might retain the prime minister post, for America's interests of course.

Well, if that's America's idea of democracy, may merciful Allah prevent us from ever receiving its brand of freedom for the Middle East.

Talking about democracy and freedom, the US today continues to support undemocratic and draconian dictatorships around the world. You only need look at Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Pakistan as some typical examples.

Do you recall the Shah of Iran and his secret police, the dreaded Savak? How many were tortured by them? How many disappeared into the fog of the night? Do you remember the military dictatorships of South Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile? And don't forget that once-blue-eyed boy of the US, Mr Saddam Hussein.

I am so glad you brought up the issue of Palestinian and Israeli violence. As a woman who understands what it is to bring life into the world, nothing repels a mother more than the utter senselessness of political killing. Had America been more even-handed and reined in the excesses of people like Ariel Sharon the Middle East situation would have been less antagonistic.

We are tired of only hearing about Palestinian violence and Israeli self-defense. Have you considered a different picture, Palestinian self-defense - of their land, people and rights - and Israeli violence?

Wasn't Ariel Sharon implicated in the Sabra-Shatila massacre? Yet, the White House treated many of these terrorist and murderous Israelis, with innocent blood on their hands, like honored guests.

While the Sept 11 attack was a horrifying crime, especially to a woman and a mother like me, we cannot pretend that the attackers - even in their sick and demented minds - were not out to 'punish' the US for its crimes. It was an unmitigated crime of hatred but fueled by provocations, instigated by wicked mullahs and galvanized by false religious salvation.

I do hope you are not taken in by Bush's nonsense that those evil criminal attackers were jealous of America's freedom, baseball and apple-pies.

I, too, bowed my head and stood in silence for our brethren and sisters who lost their lives in the recent terrorist attacks on London, as I did for those innocents in other lands killed by America's powerful and callous military. Please recall the wedding parties in both Afghanistan and Iraq, where an American fighter jet annihilated many at those supposedly happy events. Were any criminals punished? And what about the innocent people of Fallujah?

Did you, too, stand in a minute of silent respect for those fallen by the US' callous and murderous assaults, or did you subscribe to the American sinister euphemism of the slaughtered innocents as 'collateral damage' or even the more vogue US term, 'terrorist suspects', many of whom were children hardly in their teens.

How many innocent lives have been lost because of Bush and his cohorts? How many people have lost their families, future and hopes because of the US' arrogant disregard for others?

My father is, of course, beyond redemption, consumed by hatred for the Americans without appreciating the good that lies in so many Americans. But should we, too, be blinkered like him, and ignore the equally evil in some Americans and British, who went to war on a pack of lies, as they did in Vietnam with the equally deceitful lie of the Gulf of Tonkin affair?

May the Compassionate One shower his blessings upon thee.

Emmm ... what do you think?


Blogger Adrian said...

May Osama burn in hell.

Oh, and his cronies in London BORE me. I say load em up, put them on a plane and send them spearfishing with a few Great White Sharks in False Bay, Cape Town.

If they wanna die, thats ONE way Id love to see it happen. Research on these wild beasts needs to be accelerated. The sharks I mean. : )

12:45 PM  
Blogger Jez said...

Adrian t makes his feelings clear: he is bored. Well, may he allow others who have enough intellect not to see things in black and white to continue debating rationally.
While I doubt the authenticity of the source of the letter posted here, I coudn't agree more with the author. While I doubt Bin Laden, or whoever it is that instigates such attacks cares much about the muslim brethren and sisters, he/she/they need the support of everyday muslims and arabs to carry out such attacks. I think it's pretty clear that the more terror is carried out by 'western democracies' and their cronies in the middle east and elsewhere, the more reasons 'ordinary' people have to hate the guts out of 'our' leaders, and us, whom they believe responsible for 'our' leaders actions. This is of course wrong, since we are far from living in a democracy, and therefore can't be held responsible for the actions of 'our' leaders. We are, however, responsible, as are all human beings' for speaking out against all violence and terror and in favour of peace.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Chairman eDog said...

I never knew Osama was a cute little monkey baby. What tragedy turned him towards evil bad monkeyism? I'm sure it's all our fault. Who doesn't spank the monkey from time to time? I'm sure he just wants to be held and get his diapy changed in a timely manner.

Anyway, La Boner, did you ask God that question for me? I've been microwaving a lot of burritos lately, and I've gotten several hot enough to glow. Nevertheless, I've reached the conclusion that God's tolerance of heat is strictly a philosophical question:there is simply no empirical means whatsover for determining if God could microwave a burrito so hot that he couldn't even eat it. Not only that, but my tongue has second degree burns on it and I can no longer tell the difference between beer and cat piss. My stomach is very queesy. Please ask God to hurry up with the backlog of questions. He is omnipotent, isn't he?

Oh, and find out if Jesus wasn't more butch than the paintings portray him. I've always imagined him looking like a jewish Jean-Claude Van Damme, a circumcised pretty boy who could kick anyone's ass. Let me know.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Scourge on Humanity said...

Osama's daughter would be a good spokesperson for his organization.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Adrian said...

JEZ: Dont take life too seriously buddy. The post wasnt exactly serious in nature to begin with, my comment was simply intended to be a continuation of the context in which it was written.

As for the terrorists? Pffft. Theres no way you can justify INNOCENT Londoners being killed because of Western leaders and the Middle East. 9/11 happened BEFORE Afghanistan and BEFORE Iraq. They hate EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING non-Islamic dude. And if we can take some of them out while they try to do the same to us, I say:

GO FOR IT. They deserve an ass kicking.

9:40 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Chairman eDog,
Wow, you are such a demanding soul to ask His Almighty so many tough questions ... I really wonder if He is going to entertain us at all?
Regardless, I'd try best to get Him to get back to you ASAP ...
As far as I know (never ask Him this one before though), God doesn't consume worldy foodstuff but I am sure He'd keen to find out more the delicious Burrito that you microwave until glowing ... do you normally sprinkle some chili pepper on it?

9:58 PM  
Blogger Pikkel Weezel said...

Oh pleez Adrian, Jez is an fuckin sissy and you know it. anyone who makes excuses for those savage inhuman muslims is a sack of horse shit, lying to themselves as well as others.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Church Mouse said...

He who has sinned will have to pay for the sins.

God bless.

9:29 PM  
Blogger julia said...

heyyy Bona
i like u
it wudnt be hard for me to love u too

6:46 PM  

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