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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

God created man? (II)

Continuing from why our eye is not designed by God

Less-than-perfect vision

Incredibly, this is exactly how the human retina is constructed. Visual quality is degraded because light scatters as it passes through several layers of cellular wiring before reaching the retina. Granted, this scattering has been minimized because the nerve cells are nearly transparent, but it cannot be eliminated because of the basic design flaw. Moreover, the effects are compounded because a network of vessels, which is needed to supply the nerve cells with a rich supply of blood, also sits directly in front of the light-sensitive layer, another feature that no engineer would propose.

A more serious flaw occurs because the neural wiring must poke directly through the wall of the retina to carry the nerve impulses produced by photoreceptor cells to the brain. The result is a blind spot in the retina -- a region where thousands of impulse-carrying cells have pushed the sensory cells aside. Each human retina has a blind spot roughly a millimeter in diameter -- one that would not exist if only the eye were designed with its sensory wiring behind rather than in front of the photoreceptors.

Do these design problems exist because it is impossible to construct an eye that is wired properly, so that the light-sensitive cells face the incoming image? Not at all. Many organisms have eyes in which the neural wiring is neatly tucked away behind the photoreceptor layer. The squid and the octopus, for example, have a lens-and-retina eye quite similar to our own, but their eyes are wired right-side out, with no light-scattering nerve cells or blood vessels in front of the photoreceptors, and no blind spot.

Inside-out development

Evolution, which works by repeatedly modifying preexisting structures, can explain the inside-out nature of our eyes quite simply. The vertebrate retina evolved as a modification of the outer layer of the brain. Over time, evolution progressively modified this part of the brain for light sensitivity. Although the layer of light-sensitive cells gradually assumed a retina-like shape, it retained its original orientation, including a series of nerve connections on its surface. Conversely, mollusk eyes are wired optimally because rather than evolving from brain cells, which have wiring on the surface, they evolved from skin cells, which retained their original orientation with the wiring below the surface.

The living world is filled with examples of many other organs and structures that clearly have their roots in the opportunistic modification of a preexisting structure rather than the clean elegance of design. This does not, despite the fears of "intelligent design" advocates, amount to evidence against the existence of a Deity. Properly understood, as Darwin himself pointed out, it only deepens our respect for the power and subtlety of the Creator's remarkable ways ... Emmm, Darwin believes in God?

Yes, Darwin is a fan of His Almighty but not the Bible (not yet) or just about any other classic holy books written milleniums ago and insist every word in it is the complete whole truth ...

Conclusion: The lousy eyes we have today are very unlikely designed by God from scratch (or He must be sleeping in His job) but that doesn't mean we are not created by God.

So what could be the explanation behind our sloppily designed eyes? He doesn’t love us enough to give us the best eye? Again, not at all. It's simply the way God has intended the world to be ... the closest word to explain the phenomenon is NATURE.

I am sure there are moments in your life you would ask "Where do I come from?", "Why am I here?" ... you are not alone, this is natural and it's part and parcel of life. Lets check it out a little further next.

God created man? (I)

As promised, we'd take a good look at evolution slowly but surely. Here is an entry dedicated to Creationism ...

According to Genesis: The Creation Week

Day 1: separation of light and darkness, day and night
Day 2: separation of water and sky, the expanse
Day 3: separation of land and water; creation of plants
Day 4: creation of sun and moon to govern the day and night
Day 5: creation of animals for the water and the sky
Day 6: creation of animals for the land, and humans to govern all animals
Day 7: creation completed; God rests (His Almight needed a break?)

Let’s put the ‘In the beginning …’ aside, which I’d talk about together with some other related issues including but not limited to evolution of the universe in the near future.

Today, I am going to examine just one specific aspect of creationism: Did God actually created man from scratch?

According to an ‘Intelligent Design (ID)’ guru: Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, author of ‘Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution (1999)’If we are indeed created by God from scratch, then we are actually a very lousy design … a FLAWED creation, so to speak!

While you may browse for the details at sites like PBS, I am going to focus on what is so sloppy about us … The God’s Children.

Among others, one of the biggest flaw lied in our eye


Yes, our eye is such a badly designed gadget that it simply doesn’t befit the skills of the Almighty … Actually, scientists claimed they could design a way better one! Ooops …

The proponents of intelligent design assert that the combination of nerves, sensory cells, muscles, and lens tissue in the eye could only have been "designed" from scratch. After all, how could evolution, acting on one gene at a time, start with a sightless organism and produce an eye with so many independent parts, such as a retina, which would itself be useless without a lens, or a lens, which would be useless without a retina?

In a Darwinian world, the exquisite adaptations and specializations of living organisms are the products of natural selection, a process whereby the genetic variations -- such as size, shape, and coloration -- that give individuals the best chance to survive and reproduce are passed on to subsequent generations.

The Design Flaws

Another way to respond to the theory of intelligent design is to carefully examine complex biological systems for errors that no intelligent designer would have committed. Because intelligent design works from a clean sheet of paper, it should produce organisms that have been optimally designed for the tasks they perform. Conversely, because evolution is confined to modifying existing structures, it should not necessarily produce perfection. Which is it?

The eye, that supposed paragon of intelligent design, offers an answer. We have already sung the virtues of this extraordinary organ, but we have not considered specific aspects of its design, such as the neural wiring of its light-sensing units. These photoreceptor cells, located in the retina, pass impulses to a series of interconnecting cells that eventually pass information to the cells of the optic nerve, which leads to the brain.

An intelligent designer, working with the components of this wiring, would choose the orientation that produces the highest degree of visual quality. No one, for example, would suggest that the neural connections should be placed in front of the photoreceptor cells -- thus blocking the light from reaching them -- rather than behind the retina.

Next, more imperfections or plain flaws on our eyes and the conclusion …

Friday, August 26, 2005

Idolating is faithful?

Continuing from 'Jewish Jesus & Gentile Christianity' ... It appears there is a general consensus that Christianity is better off as a Gentile religion rather than a Jewish one.

I imagine the whole world will be in chaos if all of a sudden the Christian faithful decided to live like Jesus (just like Osama & Company trying to emulate Prophet Mohammad) by going to Church on Friday, keeping a strict Kosher diet and of course, things are never complete without a painful circumcision.

Idolating is faithful?

Sara is certainly succinct in saying most faithful of both Islam and Christianity are idolaters without even realizing it. But I imagine if we do not idolize or fanaticize, God is probably going to have a hard time finding a strategic spot in our mind … I say it’s truly a Catch 22 situation, what say you?

As for the notion “devote to get closer to God”, I’d got some new enlightenment to share with you …

Enlightenment I

“There is no absolute eternity in this material world”
(Eternix 1.12.123 designate)

Enlightenment II

"God created the world to be evolving and as such, we as His children must do what it takes to make the best out of the prevailing situation so as to live our life to the fullest.”
(Evoluxion 1:11:111 designate)

(NB: Kindly note that all classic words such as ‘ye’, ‘thee’, ‘thy’ etc. will be stripped off for simplicity sake)

Why Semites?

Lastly, there is another question I haven’t been able to find a answer all this while …

Why did God only come to us via the Semites (who are minority, speak a niche language and are not known to be very universal in many ways)?

Why God never do it say via a Chinese, a Latino or perhaps a black Negro? Does God discriminate? Is God racist?

Let me know if you have any idea pertaining to the exclusive arrangemnet between the Semites and G-d.

Do you really think we are all children of Abraham? Is that a possibility at all? Why then are we so different from each other (I imagine a black and a white can't possibly have the same ancestor ... I meant starting from Abraham)?

I’d follow up with an alternative view that reject the notion ‘We are all children of Abraham’.

(NB: Semites refer th sons of Shem who come in all shapes and colors that include even people like Arabs and Ethiopians ... Now I wonder what was Adolf Hiler thinking? He must be very sick then ...)

Jewish Jesus & Gentile Christianity

Jew vs. Gentile

In response to comments by Post Liberal that I have missed out the essence of Paul’s ‘revolution’ ie. ‘The continuity’ in relation to Abrahamic Covenant, whereby he argued Jesus Christ was an utterly Jewish figure and that my proposal for Christianity to forget about its non-practical Jewish past but to start from the birth of Christ instead .... as a Marcionite dream!

For those who are not familiar with the word Marcionite, it is a Christian heresy that rejected the Old Testament and denied the incarnation of God in Jesus as a human … The Marcionites also taught that the tetragrammaton did not represent an all-encompassing God, but rather the Hebrew perception of God which was either imperfect, or reflective of an entirely separate deity.

According to the Marcionites, Christ was not the Son of this god, but was sent by Elohim, the name they gave to an all-encompassing and omnibenevolent God. More here

He commented Christianity is a Jewish sect although there isn’t any real essence of Jewish Christianity these days and that Christianity became Gentile per se.

One of my pals commented the prenatal part of Christianity is really nothing more than the Disney collections, intellectually speaking (I disagreed on this portion though …). And since the religion has become ‘Gentile’ whereas God Himself has endorsed the ‘modifications’ (He must have approved ‘gentileness’ of Christianity or no Christians can hope to go to heaven!), so why bother to link back to its ‘incompatible’ past?

I imagine if a perfect religion must have all the parts and pieces, regardless how irrelevant or otherwise nonsense, why wouldn’t Christians go back to circumcision for both boy an girl, in line with what Abraham and Sarah have ‘allegedly’ done, why not also keep a strict Kosher diet and go to church on Friday (instead of Sunday) and better still, rename the church as temple or synagogue.

And my pal also commented if God is happy as ‘El/Yahweh’, why would He want to be reincarnated as ‘Jesus Christ’ the first place? He wanted to promote the concept of ‘establishing a direct relation with God’? Can’t this be achieved by passing the information through a prophet or some other media? Doesn’t this suggest either ‘El/Yahweh’ or ‘Jesus’ could be a fake?

Decision for Minors

You tried to justify that it is perfectly okay for parents to make decision for their children by saying “There are many things in life that we don't understand, there are many times we rely on others. It's because of this that I would advise against condemning religious practices that involve people under a certain age, or - for that matter- of a certain intellectual of critical capacity. What constitutes abusive practice might be moot to some extent, but I'd like to see this decoupled from an apparent total ban on doing things before one can fully 'understand' them. I don't understand all of life, should I stop taking part now on the basis that not everything is chosen or controlled by me?”

Well said my friend but I beg to differ.

Just because you don’t understand is certainly no excuse to let another (equally ignorant) person to take over your life. My opinion is if you don’t know; don’t even think of doing it.

And in the case of circumcision, we do know the facts, it was invented to prevent masturbation and it offers virtually no benefits but only complications! Beat me on this one …

Lastly, you said “Words like 'mystery' can serve as a hiding place for a multitude of abuses” … I say you are simply succinct! This is exactly how some of the holy players hijacked the religion to fulfill their personal interests … Scumbags!

Next, I’d look into Sara’s bit with a new enlightenment from His Almighty.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Machine went kaput ...

RIP to my mongrel Intel/P4!

Apologies for no entry in the last few days, as you are aware, my PC went kaput and being an ‘economical’ (actually cheap) pseudo-geek of the information age, I decided to strip my ‘mongrel’ (brandless) machine to check it out and before long, I was pretty sure the drivers are corrupted and so I went to look for the model number in motherboard so as to download the drivers …

At first, I couldn’t find it and I thought it may be hiding somewhere beneath the processor, so I plugged it out and the rest is history … Yes, my machine has gone RIP eversince!

Can you believe it? Both the CPU and the board (double happiness?) are TOASTED!

God has hinted to me what took place is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS but a natural disaster … Well, what I can I say.

I finally got a cheap combo (chip + board) from a downtown geek depot with a Celeron 2.4Ghz on it (that’s all I could afford for now) and guess what? I found another nightmare on this so called XP technology … “NTLDR Missing” is the slogan you'd see (no matter what you do) if you ever change any hardware/software/configuration to the board.

“NTLDR Missing” is possibly the biggest nuisance I have ever come across for the past one decade in the digital world. You better believe it, the problem won’t disappeared even if you are willing format the whole damn harddisk.

Anyway, I finally found the solution but I am not telling you yet … XP: Not a new experience, but a hidden shocker await you!

I'd try response to Sara and Post Liberal ASAP … hopefully later today, particularly on the Jewish Jesus and the Gentile Jesus. This debate is very important in shaping the future world of spirituality.

I’d soon touch on the evolution of Universe (not just about man and monkey) … Stay tuned.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Circumcision v. Body Piercing

Circumcision, Body Piercing & Tattooing ...

Body Arts?

While debating circumcision, some Muslims alledged Body Piercing is an act of barbarism, unlike circumcision which is commanded by God (or Prophet Mohammad) and as such, a virtue, so they conceded.

Well, my opinion is body pierceing is nothing more than a personal hobby. And those who do it are normally grown ups or teenagers who typically already able to form an opinion on their own. This is nothing resembling circumcision (not even close) whereas in the case of circumcison, we are talking about baby that is barely one month old!
Personally, I don't fancy poking anything on my own body but I won't condemn those who do it ... So long they don't overly do it to the extend of causing serious injury or perhaps, becomes unbearbale to the public. I'd otherwise see it as a form of ... Body Arts.

Speaking of which, I see Body Piercing as no different from Tattooing. In fact, I think tattooing is worse simply because it is permanent.

If it is not permanent, you better believe it, I'd the first one to tatoo my body from head to toe! Admittedly, I am a coward when it comes to having something printed permamnently on my body ... simply because I am quite frickle-minded when it come s to arts.

God knows how much I love intriguing graphics ... You know what? I actually think fine tatoo like the one depicted here as ... SEXY!

Do you see tattoo as a form of arts or abuse?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Baptism = Circumcision?

Comment by Post Liberal brought up a solid topic whichI reckoned deserve a brand new entry.

He started by saying he may
share the reformed Jewish perpsective that male circumcision is not an absolutely necessary element of their covenant with Yahweh. But it must be acknowledged that, insofar as it's a religion that is traced back to the original Abrahamic covenant, it is tied up with the religion. The female form does not have those roots, and, like veiling, can be seen as a later innovation in some followers of some religions.

My opinion is that the whole issue is centered on Abraham whose very existence is itself a big mystery and I questioned that if that is the case, how could it be sensible for us to submit our life based upon a flimsy fact such as the Abrahamic Covenant?

How do we know there was no miscommunication between Abraham and God or with the relevant authors of Bible as far as circumcision is concerned?

And I further commented my take is that having faith in God doesn’t mean we must have blind faith; and blind faith is certainly not something appeals to people of the information age.

I look at it this way … If Kosher can be abrogated by Paul & company which has rendered Christendom such a huge success in term or population, why can’t an irrelevant ancient practice like circumcision be nullified?

If it is about going against words of God, then Christianity itself should be dissociated from God (I meant El/Yahweh) as the religion has gone against His words in the first place ... sorry for being so direct.

Christianity is the world most populous religion is due to the fact that it (or should I say Paul & Company) dared to break away from the norm (Judaism) and I further commented that it may be hard to put forward something that is seen as going against what is written in the holy books, as this may weaken the faith but then it is not impossible ... Paul & company has done it and I reckoned reformation (or whatever one calls it) must be carried out from time to time in order to stay relevant to the prevailing time.

Put circumcision aside, Post Liberal argued circumcision is just like infant baptism, some would decry it as it's not the same ability to make a personal declaration of faith. And that he would value it having been done with him, because faith is about more than himself as a single unit. There needs to be an awareness of the numinous, transcendent, and relational - expressions of our part in things that go beyond what we can grasp in our own hands.

Well said but I think NO. Baptism is not surgical, neither painful nor permanent, so it is certainly not in the same category as circumcision. I think the question should be whether or not it is okay for parents to make decision pertaining to one’s faith while one is still unable to form an opinion?

While not exactly an issue, I say even this is a highly debatable topic …

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Male Circumcision: To do or not to do? (II)

continued from Male Circumcision: To do or not to do? (I)

Repeated infections can result in meatal stenosis (a narrowing of the urinary opening) which may require surgery. Meticulous care is needed in order to avoid the formation of an adhesion (scar tissue). This can result in a disfigurement and corrective surgery may be necessary. Some people complain that not enough skin was removed during their son’s circumcision. They fear he looks uncircumcised. Children are often subjected to circumcisions being ‘redone.’ Sometimes, a circumcision may only appear to be incomplete when actually it is not. There may be fat pads in the pubic area. “When the child grows and the fat pad disappears,” it will likely have the look of an ordinary circumcised penis. [Semel] Often too much tissue is removed, although this is not become obvious until later. This can cause painful erections and curvature of the penis. And finally, the circumcised penis is not immune to infections, sexually transmitted diseases or penile cancer.

Many parents are led to believe that circumcision is safer than leaving the penis in its natural form. Your Child’s Health by Barton Schmitt reports one out of every 500 circumcisions results in a serious complication. Many things can go wrong including hemorrhage, infections and damage to the penis. Much of the harm of circumcision does not become apparent until adulthood.The assumption that circumcision is inevitable at some later time is a myth. This fear is unwarranted. In Taking Care of Your Child, the authors state “The overwhelming majority of uncircumcised boys never develop medical problems.” There is a less than 1% chance that circumcision will ever be medically necessary. If only one out of a hundred boys will require circumcision later, why then should the remaining 99 be automatically circumcised?
Even in the unlikely event it were necessary, which is worse -- adult or infant circumcision? Many are told or automatically assume it's easier and less complicated for an infant. Find out why this just isn't so.

Inappropriately, the foreskin is still blamed for countless problems. So with the best of intentions, parents continue to authorize the procedure totally unaware of the risks taken and loss involved. But these medical problems are usually caused by other means. Penile and cervical cancers, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases have nothing to do with the foreskin itself. The information as to what actually causes these conditions is readily available.It appears that the major reason circumcision persists in this country is that many think all penises should look alike. The “like father, like son” argument is famous as is the locker room question.

Some insist it simply ‘looks better’ that way. There are women who claim to sexually prefer a circumcised penis. What they may not realize is that there are sexual advantages to remaining intact. Male sexuality and the anatomy of the foreskin is discussed frankly and graphically here. Read personal accounts from men and women who've experienced sex with and without.

"The fact that many circumcised men will ardently defend the continued practice ...and dismiss it as a trivial matter has its parallel among circumised women in Africa." Tim Hammond, NOHARMM
How is Female Circumcision Trivialized?

One thing is certain and those who are fully informed know that non-religious circumcision is not medically necessary. Knowing this, if a parent still chooses to circumcise their baby, they are doing it for so-called cosmetic reasons. Non religious RIC persists in America because it has become part of our culture. It has evolved into a purely cosmetic procedure. As an infant, he is forced to experience the parent’s preference. Upon maturity, the son may not share the same preference. He may later conclude that if it had been left up to him, he would have preferred to remain intact.

Parents who choose circumcision for cosmetic reasons do not realize that it cannot be accurately described as truely cosmetic. When it is presented so lightly, people naturally assume the effects of circumcision are minimal -- even insignificant. The word is extremely misleading. Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve physical appearance without affecting function. The foreskin, commonly believed to have no purpose, actually has numerous functions and all of them are eliminated when the foreskin is removed.

Circumcision is irreversible. Healthy, functioning tissue is amputated from a helpless baby. Many have taken the position that the procedure is a human rights violation. The question is whether parents have the right to consent to an unnecessary procedure that has lifelong consequences.

Today, many Jews are questioning circumcision and opting against it (that leaves only Muslims in the God game). Some Christians also believe circumcision is required (I thought Peter already said no need?). Read Religious Circumcision to address both Jewish and Christian circumcision. “The physician today has a duty to discourage circumcision and to refuse to perform it.” Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, April 1996. An organization called Doctors Opposing Circumcision (D.O.C.) is committed to stopping RIC.

Well, what do you think?

Me? Please leave me alone ... I believe nothing beats the original and after all, I don't have masturbation problem.

Next ... We are flawed creation of God!

Male Circumcision: To do or not to do? (I)

An interesting overview by Mary G. Ray

Quite a number of famous child care experts and doctors recommend against circumcision in their books. Dr. Dean Edell has expressed oposition against infant cirumcision for at least 15 years now. Sheila Kitzinger very emphatically recommends that parents leave their sons intact. Dr. Lendon Smith goes into detail explaining the foreskin’s purposes and giving all the reasons why circumcision should not be performed. Dr. Spock, in his most recent book, stated “I feel that there’s no solid medical evidence at this time to support routine circumcision.” He recommends “leaving the foreskin the way Nature meant it to be.” Penelope Leach also recommends against routine circumcision. Click here to see the list of their books.

8/6/02 Fox News Channel Routine Procedure or Child Abuse?

8/1/02 Men's News Daily Circumcision Case to Proceed to Trial March 1, 1999: After a two year investigation, the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that the "potential medical benefits" of infant circumcision aren't significant enough and therefore, they do not recommend it as a routine procedure.For more information, CLICK HERE

Routine Infant Circumcision [RIC] is not practiced in most medically advanced nations. Unlike American parents, few parents worldwide are actually faced with this choice. Their babies are automatically brought home intact. 82% of the world’s living men are intact. Few people are aware of the fact that circumcision was introduced to our culture in an attempt to eliminate masturbation.

Do not forfeit this decision out of respectful submission to your doctor. There are many benefits to keeping the foreskin intact. Typically, American doctors have limited knowledge in these areas. Many are totally unaware that the foreskin actually requires no special care.

People mistakenly believe the circumcised penis is cleaner. (Mohammad is one of them?) The myth that the penis with a foreskin is difficult to clean is exactly that -- a myth. Cleaning is so simple, it’s amazing that people fret so much about it. The big hoopla over hygiene is pure and unnecessary paranoia. See also: Smegma Beneficial Not Bad

Circumcision is painful. Although many suggest that anesthesia solves that problem, there are risks associated with anesthesia, including recent death. It isn't always effective and the needle itself is extremely painful.

Some medical and childbirth professionals recommend that expectant parents request permission from their hospital to observe a circumcision being performed. There are also videos available. As with any medical event, people should be made aware of what exactly is involved. This site and others describe the details of all the different circumcision methods.

Some children are surprised to learn that their penis has been cut and that a part of it has been discarded. Some have to live with circumcisions that had unsatisfactory results and the pursuit of foreskin restoration is not uncommon. You may read a written account and actually see the progress of one man's restoration process thru his photos over the course of several months. Foreskin Restoration Personal Journal

Circumcision does not guarantee a problem free penis. In fact, in many cases it is the very thing that initiates numerous problems. Careful cleaning must be performed. Infections of the raw wound are common. Remaining Foreskin Reattaching (Adhesions)

To be continued ... Male Circumcision: To do or not to do? (II)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Osama 'bean' Laden is much better

Heeding advice from 'The Inquisitor', I tried to analyze Mr. Laden once again ... This time with a little cleaner face.

And the result is a fantastic 41% Chinese, 17% Anglo Saxon etc. but 0% Middle Eastern!

And guess what? The site said he resembles Mike Tyson!

In response to Noirkudus, I have the following to say … (in Bold)

I really wonder why u are always like to discuss a petty matter like this.
Petty? The world #1 terrorist is a petty subject? I don’t think so.

Its crying shame that a people like you can be threatened by only Osama bin Laden.
I am not only one feel threatened; billions of other citizens of civilized society also feel the same

If he is not human so why u are shivering?
I have reasons to worry if he is no human being simply because he may possess supernatural capability just like God. Just imagine supernatural power is in the hand of a bad guy … Jesus!

Sorry because I am not comment on your previous post about circumcision. I have no time to debate with you pertaining such issue which I think it is very clear to us.
1. I am not over with circumcision yet, I’d be back with more. So do prepare yourself and we’ll talk about it at length soon … Meanwhile, write to me on anything and anytime.
2. You said circumcision is ‘very clear’ … What is so clear? Yes or no? Good or bad? Please enlighten us…
3. I am going to seek God’s consent to abrogate circumcision (both boy and girl) in its entirety ASAP; do you have a question for Him?
4. Meanwhile, I urge all those morons who still slit their daughter’s clitoris off to refrain from doing so immediately and unconditionally (this silly crime is good enough to deny them their chance of getting beyond the Ozone layer … let alone the Heaven) and,
5. For the Muslims: Trust me, there must be a serious miscommunication between Mohammad and the Almighty (actually, God never told him anything about circumcision directly, Mohammad inherited the idea from some hypocrites who now scream hell and heaven that they never slit their girls' vagina for the past 3000 years, do you believe it?)
. Circumcision is NOT commanded by God. For all you know, the Hadith wasn’t even written by the prophet ...

Don't forget, circumcision was originally designed by the Egyptians to discourage MASTURBATION!

What is your purpose actually??
Read my profile … Basically just like yourself, I hope to attain eternal happiness in my afterlife and I reckoned one of the best way is to try my best to be good: to myself, my family, the society and the world at large … by producing, by helping and by giving.
Any better suggestion?

I believe only a stupid people like u will take part in the discussion in this website.
Please, you may belittle me but please do have some respect for our audience … Don’t forget, you are one of them.

I have wrote a new article about theory of evolution, which I believe so many people in the west believe with darwin. So, what is your opinion about it, Can u ask your God to clarify this matter? but In islam there are no such stupid idea that human are evolved from a monkey.
Most certainly.
Evolution is one of the biggest topics yet to come right here … Just be patience, it’s coming. As a matter fact, clarifying science and technology is my key (divine) responsibility.
By the way, men are not exactly monkeys … stay tuned

Monday, August 15, 2005

Osama bin Laden is NOT Human?

Someone tipped me off that Osama bin Laden is actually a Jewish bastard ... Now I got even more worried because the result I got from FaceAnalyzer.com pertaining to this violent terrorits is a terrifying ... 'No Archetype Found!'

It's amazing the sophistiscated algorithm installed at
FaceAnalyzer.com could't find a match for Mr. Laden. Don't believe me? Try this link http://www.faceanalyzer.com/member.aspx?id=46903

So Osama bin Laden is not a human being? He is an ET? An agent of God or could it be he is actually God himself … just like Jesus Christ? What? Mr. Laden is the Messiah? No, most probably a ghost ... I am stoned.

Have fun.

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Osama bin Laden is a Jew

Thursday, August 11, 2005

G-d is God!

I came across the word ‘G-d’ over countless occasions but all this while, I though it is a misspelling or simply for those who despise the big ‘O’ eg. Orgasm, Ovulation etc.

For some unknown reason (I think it must be a divine one), I decided to check it out this morning while sipping my new love … Green Tea.

I tried Answers.com and it brings me here … Among others, it says “Many Jews also write "G-d" instead of "God". While this later substitution is by no means required by religious law (only the Hebrew name, not the English, is holy), it is done to remind the reader of the holiness attached to God's name.” ... if you love God , man, you gotta check this out.


At the bottom of the hands, the two letters on each hand combine to form יהוה (YHVH), the name of God.

Honestly, I didn’t know His Almighty actually has an official 'name’! Interesting …

Names of God

The most important name of God in Judaism is the Tetragrammaton, the four-letter name of God. This name is first mentioned in the book of Genesis and is usually translated as 'the Lord'. Because Jews have, for a long period of time, considered it blasphemy to pronounce, the correct pronunciation of this name has been forgotten — the original Hebrew texts only included consonants. Modern scholars conjecture that it was pronounced "Yahweh". The Hebrew letters are named Yod-Heh-Waw-Heh: יהוה; note that Hebrew is written from right to left, rather than left to right as in English. In English it is written as YHWH or YHVH depending on the transliteration convention that is used.

Jews also call God Adonai, Hebrew for "Lord" (Hebrew: אֲדֹנָי) …

English translations of the Bible generally render YHWH as "the LORD" (in small capitals), and Adonai as "Lord" (in normal case). In a few cases, where "Lord YHWH" appears, the combination is written as "Lord GOD"… and I believe Muslims refer to the same holy being as Allah!

There are Gods? Check this out …

“God is presented as a living God, as contrasted with the lifeless gods of the heathen …”

“Adonai and other names of God may be written in the plural form to point out that this one God embodies all of the many gods that were worshipped by the ancestors of the Israelites and concurrently by the surrounding peoples.”

I hope the Bible University will soon start a new program: Divine Namology

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Circumcision: The Solution?

Why I questioned circumcision ... ?

Contrary to most of the holy figures in the past; it’s neither my duty nor do I have much interest in verifying historical claims and or facts eg. whether or not the Bible is the complete whole truth from God, if female circumcision was a Jewish tradition etc.

I am more concern about the present and I definately care for the future. My key
(divine) obligation is to find the best solution for His children to move forward. In order for allof us to climb a notch up in wellbeing of life term, socially and economically speaking. And as such, busting of ancient myth, the wrong or the irrelevant (to the resentment of many, I am sure) is unfortunately, part of the process.

It is for this reason why I questioned into the validity of circumcision.

Having said that, here comes the God inspired solution for circumcision in the 21st century ... Ladies and Gentlemen, Proudly present: -

The revolutionary breakthrough of the digital age for the faihful community:


Yes, you may now circumcise your kid without knife ... no blood, no pain, no complication!

Virtual Covenant (C)(TM)(R) otherwise known as Digital Circumcison (C)(TM)(R) (patent pending, copyright 2005) is invented by La Bona, Holy Surgeon under the divine inspiration from God. La Bona voluntarily surrender and submit all the existing and future rights and credits pertaining to the Virtual Covenant (C)(TM)(R) and or Digital Circumcison (C)(TM)(R) to His Almighty without any reservation. And I promised all proceed derived from the Virtual Covenant (C)(TM)(R) and or Digital Circumcison (C)(TM)(R), if any, shall be donated to charity ...

God is great!

Hey, what more can you ask? It's easy, it's safe, it's economical, no, (actually, I intend to make it free!) ... and the best part is it can be performed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Honestly, would you back me up by endorsing this divine idea? See, without you support, an idea even if it is inspired by God will be just be that ... an idea.

Remember, God will not endorse the idea without general consensus, God is after all, the most democratic.
Please therefore show your support by perhaps, making a brief comment here ...

Thank you and as usual, God bless us all ...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Death To Female Circumcision!

I thought of revealing my God inspired idea on circumcision today but a comment from one Abah Mui'zz deserve some dire explanation …

Thanks for the comments and my comment in Blue

Just to add some comments, and this is based on malaysian muslim women.

Majority of malaysian muslim women was circumcised. And yet, they still live as other women in another country in this world, still be able to get married, have sex, have kids, go to work, do whatever they want to do, without any comments/grumblings.

And I don't understand why la bona do really says "Circumcision affects one physically and mentally". Because if it really affects, many of our women needs medical treatment, which in reality, it does not happen in Malaysia. I am not sure if that happens in western countries.

Is there any research done on the effect of circumsion for female?

Judging from your comment, you obviously haven’t read much about Female Circumcision also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or Female Genital Cutting (FGC). Here it is briefly …

FGM typically involves the removal of a girl's entire clitoris (an excision that virtually eliminates the possibility of orgasm). In addition, clitoridectomy is often accompanied by the removal of the girl's labia and the sewing together of remaining raw surfaces, leaving only a small opening for the outflow of urine and menstrual blood, a process known as infibulation. Infibulation itself can have life-long deleterious consequences, including urinary distress, pain during intercourse, and dangerous complications during labor and the delivery of children.

In a rite of passage, an elder removes girls between ages 4 and 8 of their genitalia, usually without anesthesia. The procedure leaves the girls permanently scarred, unable to ever have normal sex lives. Long-term complications include sexual frigidity, genital malformation, delayed menarche, chronic pelvic complications, recurrent urinary retention and infection, and an entire range of obstetric complications whereas the fetus is exposed to a range of infectious diseases as well as facing the risk of having his or her head crushed in the damaged birth canal. More here (check the links out)

If you still think the above is acceptable, I must then conclude you and I are definitely from starkly different civilization. My stand on FGM is no way: it is brutal, it is cruel, it's inhumanFGM must be outlawed, there is no room for compromise.

Death To Female Circumcision!

About the other question by la bona
"OK, let's say circumcision is not important, then why bother to do it?",

is it fair if I ask another question "Body piercing is also not important in life, then why many young westerners bother to do it?"?

Body piercing is a hobby, it is strictly optional and voluntary. It is normally done by teenagers whose brains are already working, not helpless babies. Female circumcision is akin murder, you force it on helpless baby girls and you just bloody ruin her life forever, beside all the life-long deleterious consequences mentioned above, she will never know what the hell is an orgasm, ever and forever!

And if you still think it is alright to rob a girl of her capability to experience orgasm, you might want to consider relocating to the zoo.

In Islam, female circumcision is never ever made compulsory. If you want to do it, fine, and if not, it is fine too. So, why do we need to bother yourself with this issue?

I don’t think Female Circumcision can be categorized as a voluntary exercise, not when you do it on baby girls who are yet to be able to form an opinion.

I am bothered because it is barbaric to the highest order. To say it in one word, it is INHUMAN!

Discussing about fighting AIDS, fighting poverty, finding a best technique to educate our young generation, how to become a good husband/wife, are far more beneficial than discussing this topic.

Sure but Female Circumcision is as bad as any of the topic you have just mentioned, if not worse.

And we got some interesting feedback from Sara, an Iraqi Muslim lady who defies what is her word ‘extreme culturism’. Here are excerpts of her comments on the dark side of Culture and Religion.

First of all, she thinks Female Circumcision not accepted and among others, she questions the ideology of worshipping and who is God? Is he a man, Holy Spirit, or simply an Inhuman? How do we connect to Him though? This is where things go rather wrong ... Some get baptised, some get radicalized (I assume she meant terrorism), some turn to worship fellow Prophets or messengers that are believed to be sent by God himself to make us believe in Him.

Now if Circumcision came from the actions of a man that was a Prophet or Messenger more than 1500 years ago and if it's done now, then it turns into this idea of 'follow the vice leader' (Mohammed pbuh?). The same with Muslims....Many Sunnis see Prophet Mohammed as someone to be worshipped, yet they deny that they do. Everything he DID, the people today seem to do and make excuses that they are allowed to do it because they should be following everything Mohammed PBUH did do (Muslims are idolaters?). This is where things get messy and where it divides believers upon religion, eg: Sunni and Shia. This is where many Muslims are still behaving as if they live in the olden days where they live in tribes and disregard the real era we are living in … The Dark side of Culture and Religion .... that's what it really is.

Well said, Sara … I have shut myself on Iraq after witnessing how a beast named Al-Zaqarwi beheaded two civilians on video but after reading this piece of comment from our dear Sara, I think I am falling in love with Iraq again

Again, DEATH TO Female Circumcision!

Male Circumcision III

Amazingly, I get no answer for both the questions (posted previously) as below: -

Q for Christians: If circumcision is indeed commanded by God, why are Christians excempted from complying?
Q for Jews: Why must Jewish boys have a covenant (with God) while the girls do not need one?

The non-response (just got one via email) is actually a wonderful phenomenon because it gives mankind a new hope in a positive direction ... I'd talk about its implication in the near future.

Meanwhile, let's move on with the ongoing topic ... Based on the arguments in Male Circumcision II, should we support the newly proposed bill to ban circumcision for boys as below?

The Male Genital Mutilation Bill ("MGM bill")

The clash of gender, religion and the protection of children

By Sherry Colb, FindLaw columnist, professor @ Rutgers Law School

A San Diego based group that calls itself a health and human rights organization recently submitted a proposed bill to Congress called the Male Genital Mutilation Bill ("MGM bill"). The bill, if adopted, would ban the practice of circumcising baby boys.

Excerpts: -

But is the pain 'unnecessary'?

only religious and cultural reasons for the continuing choice of parents to circumcise their children for Jews and Muslims alike ...

When may the law intervene in religious practice?

…The U.S. Constitution itself, however, as construed by the Supreme Court in Employment Division v. Smith, does not actually require the accommodation of religious conduct, provided that any prohibition applied to that conduct is part of a neutral, generally applicable law … In Prince v. Massachusetts, for example, the Court held that a mother could be prosecuted under child labor laws for having her children distribute literature for the Jehovah's Witnesses in the streets, notwithstanding her religious motivation for her actions …

Should the law intervene?

If circumcision turns out to be what medical professionals are saying that it is -- unanesthetized amputation from a newborn child of living, healthy tissue flush with nerve endings, for no medically beneficial result -- then it might seem quite proper to prevent parents from subjecting their infants to this cruelty.

Among others, it say ‘Circumcision = Kosher Slaughter’!

Much more at CNN FindLaw

The best solution: Wait

Does this mean that religiously motivated practices should be immune from legal intervention, no matter how harmful and abusive? Of course not. The ban on female genital mutilation, in fact, is a good example of appropriate legislation banning a practice embraced by a minority in this country for a combination of religious and cultural reasons. The costs to girls and women who have suffered the procedure are just too great to permit it to continue.

And recalling what Vivienne commented“Anyone has the right to circumcision as any one of us has the right to be tattooed. No one has the right to get a baby tattooed or circumcised! Respecting the autonomy of an individual to make his or her own mind up is important.”

Should we ban it?

Alternately, what say you about my God inspired idea of circumcising without knife ... no blood, no pain, no scar! Stay tuned for the details.

Male Circumcision II

Let's take a harder look ...

Chris P. commented “Male circumcision, I have no problem with as God actually commanded it

Question: If it is commanded by God, why are Christians excempted?
Question for Jews: Why boys need a covenant while girls are exempted?

Circumcision: Law, Origin, Question & Conclusion

by Free-Minds.Org

'Have you circumcised your son?'

This is the first question Sunni, Shia, some Christian, and Jewish followers will ask when they hear that a newborn male has come into this world …

What slips our minds and what many of us don’t take notice of is WHY are we circumcising our young sons (and in some cases girls also) immediately and without question?

This short paper will discuss the origins of ‘circumcision’ as a religious requirement and will hopefully give the reader better understanding to make the right choice for his/her son.

The only source of Law

In Islam, it is the words of GOD and His messenger as contained in the Quran that provide the law for us …

“And We have sent down to you the book with truth, authenticating what is present of the book and superceding it. So judge between them by what GOD Has sent down and do not follow their desires from what has come to you of the truth…” (5:48)

Also see (6:114, 6:19, 7:52, 16:89, 5:48, 4:105)

In examining the 114 chapters of the book, which overrides and supercedes all previous laws and scriptures, we do not find any mention or requirement to circumcise our sons (let alone circumcising girls which is carried out in some parts of North Africa).

In-fact, when GOD speaks of His creation, He speaks of it as being ‘perfected’:

"He is the One who PERFECTED everything He created, and started the creation of the human from clay." (32/7)

Origins of Circumcision

The origins of circumcision are found to have begun in the Jewish Bible in relation to prophet Abraham’s covenant with GOD, and was then passed along to some among the Christian faith, as well as the Sunnis and Shia who derived much of their religion and writings from the old Jewish traditions and Christian teachings …

Here is the origin of circumcision found in the ‘Covenant of Circumcision’ from the Bible.

[Gen 17:14.13] Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant." This is the covenant of circumcision.

Also the following:

[Gen 17:24.16] Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.

This story is replicated in the Sunni hadith theology. The Sunnis say Abraham circumcised himself with a small axe.

[Gen 17:25.18] And Ishmael his son was thirteen years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin

And here is a particularly cultish ritual:

Exod 4:25.11] Then Zipporah took a flint and cut off her son's foreskin, and touched Moses' feet with it, and said, "Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me!"

The Sunnis and Shia follow in the footsteps of these tales, whereby in some communities, the circumcision of a male child is cause for much happiness, complete with feasting and flocking together in some communities. Cults have been around for a long time.


Can’t we take our law from the Jewish Bible?

This has been a recurring question when Sunni or Shia followers find no reference to circumcision in the Quran …

The ANSWER is:

Will you vouch before GOD that all the stories in the Jewish Bible are true? (e.g. allowing stoning of adulterers, allowing stoning of sons and daughters who are disobedient, allowing a rapist to pay a few shekels to the parents of a girl and marry her, claiming that Lot was drunk and had illicit sex with his daughters, etc…). If you reject all the claims in brackets, then why do you accept Abraham’s story of circumcision?

Will you also observe the Sabbath and forbid eating the fat of animals as decreed for the Jews in their Bible? If not, then why would you accept to follow the covenant of circumcision?

Do you accept that the Quran ‘authenticates’ and ‘supercedes’ all previous scriptures (5:48) and is thus the ONLY source for our law? If not, then why do continue calling yourself a ‘Muslim/Submitter’?


Since circumcision has no basis in the laws of GOD, then (as with all matters in life) it is left upto the individual to decide what is best for his/her child with no fear of ‘retribution’ for deciding not to do so (this is similar to the headscarf which some women wear out of fear that it is a ‘command’ from GOD…as long as you know that it is NOT a command from GOD, then the woman is free to wear it or disregard it as she sees fit).

The next time someone asks you about circumcision, remember to explain to them what you now know as we should not let people attribute to GOD a law that He himself has not authorized ...

And remember: Ignorance is of course the most prized possession of any cult.

Next ... Proposed Bill To Ban Male Circumcision: The Clash of Gender, Religion, and the Protection of Children.And most important of all, a God inspired breakthrough in circumcision (for those we insist on doing it eventhough it is not commanded by God)!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Male Circumcision I

It appears the Jews are upset with the ‘allegation’ that Female Circumcision 'was' part of their tradition. While I am yet to be able to find the time to dig into history (actually, I wonder if this is going a meaningful endeavor), I am kind of puzzled about this particular fact: ‘Muslims inherited both circumcision and Kosher from Jews in Medina and as far as I know, the Arabs are also Semites.

How then female circumcision is not a Semites’ tradition? Unless … it is invented by Mohammed himself! Any credible support for this speculation?

In relation to Maryellen’s comment “any intelligent adult will realize that you can find anything you want to find by Googling, but just because it is out there somewhere in cyberspace doesn't mean its true.

With a tag like "DivineTalk" I think it would be wise to stick with legitimate topics and verifiable facts

Fair enough.

But no, DivineTalk is no CNN (even CNN breaks news based upon rumors from time to time) , I don’t even have the resources to promote this forum, let alone verifying all the bit and pieces. After all, it said rumors could be true and guess it is not that fun to talk about a pure fact (some call it law) where its truth is more or less already established.

Nonetheless, thanks for advice.

Overall, I think Vivienne is succinct in saying “Anyone has the right to circumcision as any one of us has the right to be tattooed. No one has the right to get a baby tattooed or circumcised!

Respecting the autonomy of an individual to make his or her own mind up is important.”

Before we examine if circumcision is really commanded God as suggested by some, and that it is a Biblical fact, whereby I have posed a related question: Why Christians do not have to obey this particular command of God? I think I better educate myself a little bit more on Male Circumcision first.

Excepts from the Law Center @ CNN

What is male circumcision?

Circumcision, in males, involves the cutting and removal of the foreskin, a fold of skin that covers the head of the penis. Because the procedure typically occurs during the baby's first month, anesthesia (other than topical) is generally considered unsafe. This means that a vulnerable newborn infant undergoes the surgical removal of a part of his body that is dense with nervous tissue, without anesthesia.

Notwithstanding the pain suffered during, and in the immediate aftermath of, the procedure, circumcision does not -- when performed correctly -- prevent the young boy from growing up to be a sexually functioning and fertile man. (Some argue, though, that sex is more enjoyable for the uncircumcised male) ... Oops, this must be the deadliest counter argument!

Is circumcision like 'female genital mutilation'?

This apparent lack of permanent harmful consequences significantly distinguishes male circumcision from the practice sometimes called "female circumcision" but also known as female genital mutilation ("FGM") or female genital cutting. FGM is prohibited by a federal statute passed in 1996.

FGM typically involves the removal of a girl's entire clitoris (an excision that virtually eliminates the possibility of orgasm). In addition, clitoridectomy is often accompanied by the removal of the girl's labia and the sewing together of remaining raw surfaces, leaving only a small opening for the outflow of urine and menstrual blood, a process known as infibulation. Infibulation itself can have life-long deleterious consequences, including urinary distress, pain during intercourse, and dangerous complications during labor and the delivery of children.

Though the federal statute that prohibits female genital mutilation is limited to the protection of female anatomy, the extreme nature of FGM does not have a true analogue in male circumcision. In the light of this reality, it is somewhat misleading for advocates of the MGM bill to claim - as they have -- that federal law currently discriminates against boys subjected to genital mutilation by outlawing FGM alone. No modern culture subjects male children to anything so extreme as clitoridectomy and infibulation are for girls.

That said, the practice of male circumcision is not a trivial matter. As described above, highly sensitive and healthy tissue is removed with a knife, generally without anything but a topical anesthetic, and the patient is ordinarily a newborn infant. Though some people suggest that newborn babies do not actually suffer pain, this claim has always been suspect and is now at odds with what is known to the scientific community. More

Interestingly, I found out there are ‘contemporary’ Jews who also oppose the Brit Milah ... they have bumper stickers in Israel that say “Jews embracing wholeness. Saying no to circumcision”!

Inspired by God, I got a new idea on how to circumcise without knife ... no blood, no pain, no scar! Stay tuned for this breakthrough in the world of surgery ...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Female Circumcision II

Brit Milah or a brit or bris is the ceremony where a Jewish boy is circumcised and given his Hebrew name. This is done in fulfillment of the covenant God made with Abraham. Some will simply use the same naming ceremony used for girls …”

Clearly, female circumcision was part of the Jewish tradition in the old days and it's heartening to find out there is general consensus against circumcision of girls; a cultural practice that offer nothing significant in the world of spirituality, do let me know if there is any ...

I vote the saying ‘A girl who does not have her clitoris removed is ultimately fatal to a man if her clitoris touches his penis’ as the Greatest Terror of the millennium.

I see no justification in circumcision whatsoever …
  1. What rights do we have to rob a girl of her capability to experience orgasm by removing her clitoris?
  2. In the first place, why would God give her a clitoris if there is no use for it at all? (Actually, there is argument that we are a flawed creation of God ... we'd talk about this in the future)

I feel the life-long deleterious consequences as a result of circumcision, including sexual frigidity, genital malformation, delayed menarche, chronic pelvic complications, recurrent urinary retention and infection, and an entire range of obstetric complications etc … is simply INHUMAN.

I therefore appeal to those who still upkeep such a brutal tradition (Muslims in particular) to launch an all-out Jihad on clitoris removal … Death to Female Circumcision!

I have noted this particular nonsense for His Almighty to nullify ASAP, however, you don't have to wait for a confirmation because chances are it will be approved, and my confidence level that God will okay it is a cool 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999%

I concur with Maryellen that "circumcision of the heart is more important that circumcision of the body" and thank Becky for the pointer for thisn verse ...

"For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith working through love" (Galatians 5:6)

And I find her comment enlightening … “Don't fall into the trap of "religions do it, it must be divine." Religion -- even much of modern day Christianity-- has lost sight of the Word of God. If you justify your belief with religious authority alone, you're asking for trouble. Until you can justify something like this according to Scripture (as a whole, I might add), it cannot and will not do anything beyond grieving my heart as it does God's

Psychologically speaking, some people may consider their faith as incomplete or something is amiss if there is nothing physical, visual or material to reflect their faithfulness to the Almighty. If you belong to this type, I have a proposal for you … How about TATTOOING?

Yes, what say you, tattoo your whole body with religious symbols, verses and what have you … Perhaps statements like “100% Faithful, Holy Slave, God’s Buddy …”

Don't you think this idea is way cooler as compared to brutal acts like clitoris removal?

Now the next question … What about the boys?

Chris P. commented “Male circumcision, I have no problem with as God actually commanded it

Let examine if this is the case next …


Should male circumcision be outlawed?
Not Sure
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Is Bible the complete revelation and the whole truth from God?
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Is Harry Potter bad for kids?
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Are Santa Claus & Mickey Mouse bad for kids?
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Do pharmacists have the rights to refuse contraceptive prescriptions?
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Abortion: Where do you stand?
Depend on the Circumstances
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When does human personhood begin?
It happens at conception (the most common pro-life position)
It happens when blood first appears (a new interpretation based on the Bible)
It happens later in pregnancy (the most common pro-choice position)
It happens at 14 or 22 weeks gestation (two novel arguments)
It happens during childbirth (the traditional Jewish position)
Not Sure
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Who are Children of God?
All Jews (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
Devout & Orthodox Jews Only
All Christians (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
Born Again Christians Only
All Muslims (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
Devout & Fundamentalist Muslims Only
All faithful of Semitic religions only (Semitic Pluralism)
All Buddhists (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
All Hindus (regardless of philosophy & lifestyle)
All faithful regardless of religion (Universal Pluralism)
All righteous people excluding Homosexuals
All righteous people including Homosexuals
Any Tom, Dick & Harry including Criminals
Not Children but we are all God's Slaves
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Aboslutely Yes!
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