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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Circumcision: The Solution?

Why I questioned circumcision ... ?

Contrary to most of the holy figures in the past; it’s neither my duty nor do I have much interest in verifying historical claims and or facts eg. whether or not the Bible is the complete whole truth from God, if female circumcision was a Jewish tradition etc.

I am more concern about the present and I definately care for the future. My key
(divine) obligation is to find the best solution for His children to move forward. In order for allof us to climb a notch up in wellbeing of life term, socially and economically speaking. And as such, busting of ancient myth, the wrong or the irrelevant (to the resentment of many, I am sure) is unfortunately, part of the process.

It is for this reason why I questioned into the validity of circumcision.

Having said that, here comes the God inspired solution for circumcision in the 21st century ... Ladies and Gentlemen, Proudly present: -

The revolutionary breakthrough of the digital age for the faihful community:


Yes, you may now circumcise your kid without knife ... no blood, no pain, no complication!

Virtual Covenant (C)(TM)(R) otherwise known as Digital Circumcison (C)(TM)(R) (patent pending, copyright 2005) is invented by La Bona, Holy Surgeon under the divine inspiration from God. La Bona voluntarily surrender and submit all the existing and future rights and credits pertaining to the Virtual Covenant (C)(TM)(R) and or Digital Circumcison (C)(TM)(R) to His Almighty without any reservation. And I promised all proceed derived from the Virtual Covenant (C)(TM)(R) and or Digital Circumcison (C)(TM)(R), if any, shall be donated to charity ...

God is great!

Hey, what more can you ask? It's easy, it's safe, it's economical, no, (actually, I intend to make it free!) ... and the best part is it can be performed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Honestly, would you back me up by endorsing this divine idea? See, without you support, an idea even if it is inspired by God will be just be that ... an idea.

Remember, God will not endorse the idea without general consensus, God is after all, the most democratic.
Please therefore show your support by perhaps, making a brief comment here ...

Thank you and as usual, God bless us all ...


Blogger Walker said...

THanks for stopping by.
Now for my views on circumcision. I understand what is needed for a woman to be circuncized and being the father of 2 daughters over my dead twitching body that will ever happen.
As for males in my religion Greek Orthodox it is not practiced but as a health issue especially when it comes to our kids I am all ears. I have not been circusized and even though I am always washing I have had problems in the past because of it.
Would it have been better if I had been circusized who knows.
Male and female cicucision is much more different. Women loose their desire for sex rendering them no more than slaves to their mates needs.
The the jewish faith demands it and some Christian faiths do also. We don't have the right to preach to them. As we shouldn't have to listen to them for telling us how to pray.
Now you may or may not know I do not believe in God as I have stated in past posts and I do believe in Christ. ( don't come over and give me the Christ being God in the flesh because I don't by it like someone else who I won't mention tried to convince me)
Ibelieve religion (all religions) is here to protect us from ourselves and the dangers that can befall us.
The religions of the world have rules and rituals ( cults exempt) That are ment for the safty of their flock. The dietary habits for one. The fasting and cleansing for the soul is more for cleansing the body from the garbage that we eat.
After mentally deleting the religious aspects of your posts I see that they make sense.
I am with you on the femal circucison and leave it to the parents when it comes to their sons and their health.

Have a nice weekend

1:52 PM  
Blogger AlamoBill said...

Online circumcision? Cute idea....

I thought "FGC" came in several varieties ranging from relatively mild to severe versions.

Also, I thought FGC is performed on women (not babies) by women.

In general though, I scanned your posts and am sympathetic to a lot you have to say.

I would come at it a bit differently however.

Imposition of present-day, Western values on historical, non-Western cultures can be considered anachronistic and chauvinistic.

For example, the supposed health benefits of male circumcision is a modern rationalization. That was not its original purpose. Thus, to turn around and find fault with male circumcision because its health benefits are now questionable is a bit circular.

Likewise, arguments based on protecting the liberties of minors is rooted in contemporary Western culture, not in the culture being critiqued.

Some say culture is captured in a civilization's noblest achievements. That may be true to some extent, but culture is also the very embodiment of humanity's alienation from God.

Ironically, religion is most susceptible to the rottenness of culture. That's important to keep in mind. The Christian religion is NOT the same as the Christian faith. The latter often holds the former under severe judgment.

What you need is a prophetic stance that transcends the relativism of diversity, pluralism, culture....

Across cultures, the problem is one of fact versus meaning. Philosophy (speculation) and science/medicine/history (investigation) are inadequate to the task.

Philosophy is rich with meaning but short on facts. Science is rich with facts, but short on meaning.

The only remaining option is faith (revelation). But there are, of course, a lot of bogus faiths. Even so, that's the wisest place to begin the search for ultimate meaning, truth, virtue... and the solution to atrocities like FGC.


2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks La Bona,

well let's see something here...I am not taking sides on anyone here, not with you LaBona or Aba Mui'zz, I try to be as fair as I can be using only my opinion if wanted and my knowledge in source of facts, history..etc.

However, I do agree partially with both sides. Many of us recognise the general African and Middle Eastern nations are rather
corrupted by government, and acknowledging that tells you that the governments hold no great restriction to Female circumcision.

My concern is its increase among women, it's not just inhuman because we can mention many inhuman works that is horrible, yet
not restricted in all nations. Do note, I believe no Muslim nation stands for the truth of what Islam really stands for, and thus, is
not applicable to the example of use of the Islamic Law, decisions, rights, and equality..thereby, I wouldn't expect any nations who
retain to be corrupted in a humanly and govermental sense by the misunderstandings lying within to denounce any large matter as
Female circumcision. As you may already know, most of the female circumcision occurs in African nations than with Asian and Middle
Eastern nations, yet it is accepted, and not yet disregarded as a mistake in Middle Eastern nations. We both know that African nations still hold higher percentages of tribal lifestyles dealing with animal trading, selling and it includes the old tradition of a father who marries his daughter off to a man for wealth or popularity as few examples...as a book I remember reading, a girl had to be circumcised because it was a must since men wanted circumcised girls for marriage and in such areas, girls were forcefully married
at young ages+ having been circumcised..otherwise, a woman wouldn't be married at all.

Women do not realize that female circumcision is wrong, if the woman herself is born in a family that allows it. If I talked about
FGM with my family, they'd be utterly outraged of the idea, regardless Arabs may do it. Lets think about it closely comparing
the work of Male and Female circumcision....Because Male circumcision has a long history and more popular practice of thousands of years ago among men, we look to the idea that it was done to men because it was Unclean, not to lessen a man or put them inferior if any possible.

Going further, the practice of female circumcision involves the work of sewing and leaving a SMALL opening during which it would
affect the ability to have a normal sex life. We are given feelings, emotions; to cry, to greive, to be pain or happiness....and if you ask yourself on the act of female circumcision to male circumcision, you would discover that male circumcision does not
scar a man (as far as I know), as it would scar a woman from FGM. Concluding this, the thought of male circumcision has a different
condition to the thought of Female circumcision has. Male circumcision is primarily more historic, and at times even evident in Holy books. Female however, seems more cultural, traditional, than religious. And that would tell you why it occurs MORE in African
countries than in Middle Eastern nation. I am not saying the Middle East is better, but rather, African nations still retain
more culture than Middle Easterners do.

The solution to Digital circumcision........well, it's a good idea. And I'd support it, but rather than it being easily accessible to FGM practice, parents should be reminded that it is not recommended and for a believer to remind the parents of its unneccessity. Be it Jewish or Muslim...there is no doubt they are misguided because many combine Culture and religion together which is bad. Often, talking and reminding the person of the wrong decisions, or side effects, help a lot....we shouldn't just give them the choice. We all need Advice...even if not asked, because many deny they got misunderstandings trouble...at least I believe that.

Thats all I have to say here...
THanks for your time reading this, Cheers.

Hope I gave some good input...and LaBona, have more hope in Iraq and Iraqis, my friend...things will change either way, by God's will.

I just was sent this PETITION...about Iraqi women in Government to be associated in at least 40% :) ...........Do sign it all. I will post it up in my blog, and do the same to spread the word if you please:

God BLESS us all.


6:44 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

I have just signed the petition ... All the best to Iraq. Women Rocks!

Maybe I should also make a new one for FGM ... Death to FGM!

I find your input totally sensible, you know my stand ... NO! And I hope you'd help to combat FGM, trust me, this is divine cause, a guarantee ticket to heaven.

What do say about this news?
Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should make a petition for the end of FGM, its not such a bad idea.

Ive read about Female Circumcision in Iraq and Im not really surprised. There are many different religious/cultural practices in rural areas of Iraq. Iraq has so many different kind of believers, secular, fundamentalists etc...Ive met Iraqis who dont even talk to women, and others who treat women like their best mates and friends. However, I try to avoid judging upon areas yet the rural areas of Iraq happen to be more conservative in all ways from people and their own surroundings. It's not new. Ive also noticed that there had been a disintegrated feeling between civilians living in cities and ones that don't live in cities...Both sides in Iraq had their own kind culture (somehow similar) but put them to be incapable in getting along easily.

And because I hear prostitution 'has increased' post Iraq war 2003, FGM may have risen as well dramatically ever since. Men have become more strict on women for their safety, and for their faith and I assume that took part to the wider practice of FGM in Iraq.


PS: If you have any further plans to make your aims more noticable against FGM, do inform me. Do as much as I can on my side.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

Hey La Boner, who are you to question anything?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Apostle John said...

Interesting blog!

9:13 PM  

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