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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cover your Genital

This entry is dedicated to victims of the persecution of Sky Kingdom ... May God grace their Teapot at Cloud Nine.

I am asked to help spread the following message which I consider as graphically intriguing ...

"(picture: This women thinks she is 100% vagina)

What is the subliminal message this woman is sending?

The subliminal message is that every square inch of my body is private part, every square inch of it can make you horny!

Therefore my entire body is an 'awrat', (lit. pudendum, genital) and I am a sex object from head to toe.

People cover their private parts. This woman thinks her entire body is private part. Does this in anyway arouse respect? Only one who thinks with her genital may think so.

(picture: These women think they are 96% vagina 4% people.)

These women have determined that all their bodies, except their faces, are extensions of their genitals, including their heads.

Thinking with their genitals they can't distinguish the difference between their hair and their pubic hair.

To them both are embarrassing and should be covered.

Thinking with their genitals these ambulant vaginas are fighting for the right to be humiliated, beaten and treated as sex objects. Next time you go out, ask yourself how much of your body is your genital. Cover your genital and go out.

Spread this message and reproduce it in your site. Let all Muslim women know the world sees them exactly the way they see themselves and Muhammad described them - as 'awrat, pudenda, something embarrassing that has to be covered and deficient in intelligence.

They think of themselves as nothing but a big vagina. As a matter of fact the word "woman" in Urdu is 'awrat’. In Iran she is called zaifeh (weak). She is regarded weak both mentally and physically.

Muslim women strive to be treated as 'awrat', a walking talking vagina. Why should we think of them differently?

Combat stupidity with humiliation."

Although I am not a fan of Halloween fashion (given a choice, I'd go for Hugo Boss, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger or just about any brandless stuffs ... so long it is comfortable or hip), I am not too sure if such a holy fashion should be classified as sheer stupidiy?

Let's put yourself in their shoes and imagine you wake up one day, everyone in your neighborhood is walking around naked, would you bare all and get out to walk around doing your business as usual? I'd be very uncomfortable but given time, guess it shouldn't be a problem ...


Blogger erica Lubavitch said...

So in your book there exists only genitals and everything else? And only genitals are capable of making a guy horny? Sheesh, you must have a really low sex drive.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Mutiara said...


11:09 PM  
Blogger TajamFikir said...

Hai, i'm wondering, where did u got such ideas while address ur comment about the right of muslim women to cover their awrah. u talked about ur perception as a westerner or in an accurate terms "atheis"? mumbling about the stupidity of them to cover their awrah,
I know u believe about freedom of choice, so let them choice to cover their awrah...., is it hurt u while seeing them covered their hair,or do u have a right to feel hurt? It is their right to observe their religious obligations, either u like it or not u dont have ability to comment about that.it is like this ,i dont have such right to restrain u from taking wain or eating pork, bcoz u are not muslim................

12:09 AM  
Blogger redring said...

Phyco. whear is the next blog button!! I am stuck on youre page and would rather see somthing intlegent.

12:33 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

This article is written by a Muslim, so it is actually an Islamic view. I am just helping to spread the message.
No, it doesn't really bother me but I wonder if Muslim women really wanted to dress in such a uniform ... given a choice and sincerely from the bottom of their hearts.
I believe beauty is a de facto passion of women and as such, it is their natural instinct to make themselves up as good as they can so as to look as beautiful as they could ... Dressing up fashionably is an universal right, Allah won't deny the women folks thsi particular right.
You talk about consuming pork? You just hit the right chord, I am going to talk about this topic in no time and very extensively ... Mind you, Kosher/Halal is not a Mulsim subject. Stay tuned ...

Just follow this: http://divinetalk.blogspot.com/

12:43 AM  
Blogger Ken Grandlund said...

Interesting...I'll give you that.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Noirkudus said...

hai... thanks for visiting my website, and I wonder how you can achieve my personal website since the medium used is not in English but in Malay, but u are not the only one who reach my website...

whoever feel that Islam is an evil, so we can keep in touch because we can continue dialoge each other...

since u have found my website, and leave a message there... I know that u are threatened with some of the pictures which contains as part of film "the submission" directed by The van Gogh...

and for your information, we are not threatened if the matter is not involved the sensitivity of our religion.

yes I know u are as the other westerners who claim the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech, never know the meaning of blashpemy of religion.

This is because This is not the matter of freedom of religion or whatsoever, but it is consider as part of blashpemy.

If u are right in claiming that every religion is the same, or in claiming that every person has right to choose his belief, then u should let whoever want to practice their belief, including us as a Muslim.

We are as a Muslim, we believe in our teaching of religion, we are practice our religion, and as well we also let whoever believe in another religion to practice the religion that they are believe.

And for all the visitor of this blog (divineblog.blogspot.com), I hope that all of you realize that Islam is not a stupid religion, as has been asserted by La Bona.

only a stupid person who know how the way to blame others, because if he has a brain, surely he will not choose this kind of stupidity to blame other religion. For someone who has brain he will know how to respect others as well as he know how to practice his believe.

and lastly, I really wonder why u are so interested with the case of Ayah Pin.

It clearly shows that you have no knowledge about Malaysian Law. I cannot assume that u know Malaysian law just because that u have successfully stated one Article in our Federal Constitution that is Article 3. The law cannot be read in its own to give an exhautive principle, but it should come across with another article which u have no knowledge at all... I repeat again : u had no knowledge at all about Malaysian Law.

you should ask the God to give the revelation in order to find the truth since u claim that u are the messenger of the God.

That's all from me...

If u have no point to respond what I am saying, never mind, because I know as a humanbeing (not as a prophet or God) we always do wrong especially our knowledge is very Limited if compared with God.

ok, hope La Bona and the visitor in this website will find the truth....

that's all...

::Visit Noir's Blog

9:11 AM  
Blogger -[Uh-miR]- said...

In its entirity, I am of the view that every person should be free to fight/live for what he/she believes in.. If you believe in something, let it be because you do, and not because some fella, or some book, or some Big Joe told you to..

That is the essential problem with religion nowadays.. Most of us have been drilled to think a certain way, to live life, till it becomes belief.. To distinguish and differentiate between what you truly believe, and what you have been thought to believe is very difficult, if not impossible..

If you believe in religion, in God and His/Her teachings, please dont make it a point to impose it on others.. I respect you for who you are, regardless of how absurd I think your beliefs are.. So, I expect that same amount of respect towards me..

Lastly, we DO NOT need religion to tell us how to do the right thing.. How to be a decent, compassionate, and worthy human being, how to live our lives properly, and responsibly.. Sometimes, and I strongly believe this.. It is religion or the people that propagate it, that drives us apart, and drives us to do crazy things..

11:25 AM  
Blogger anonymous said...

That's a great attitude. In other words, ladies in NY are 80% vaginas in winter and 5% in the summer, 2 % on the beach and !% in a topless bar. Brilliant.

10:29 AM  
Blogger umgr8 said...

You said "This article is written by a Muslim, so it is actually an Islamic view. I am just helping to spread the message."
Well first of all i assure you that he/she is not a muslim even if born in a muslim family.
and as some commentators said does it bother you or the original auther to see women dress like that with their own choice and free will.
finally and this is to you and the auther of the article what about christian nuns? do they think that they are 95% vagina???

3:36 AM  
Blogger El Masry said...

I have to say I disagree with that report...though as U said it was written by a muslim....but I think that's his INDIVIDUAL point of view...so it doesn't represent the point of view of all muslims.
further more....where's the freedom of thoughts around here. if a woman wants to cover all her body..that's her right to do it...as mush as her right to wear revealing stuff as well. but they differ in the purpose of doing so !!!!
and I think ( as a human being..and a muslim ) that all religions makes you think about how to think/look/act in a decent way.

all the best

the Egyptian

8:30 AM  

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