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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Death To Female Circumcision!

I thought of revealing my God inspired idea on circumcision today but a comment from one Abah Mui'zz deserve some dire explanation …

Thanks for the comments and my comment in Blue

Just to add some comments, and this is based on malaysian muslim women.

Majority of malaysian muslim women was circumcised. And yet, they still live as other women in another country in this world, still be able to get married, have sex, have kids, go to work, do whatever they want to do, without any comments/grumblings.

And I don't understand why la bona do really says "Circumcision affects one physically and mentally". Because if it really affects, many of our women needs medical treatment, which in reality, it does not happen in Malaysia. I am not sure if that happens in western countries.

Is there any research done on the effect of circumsion for female?

Judging from your comment, you obviously haven’t read much about Female Circumcision also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or Female Genital Cutting (FGC). Here it is briefly …

FGM typically involves the removal of a girl's entire clitoris (an excision that virtually eliminates the possibility of orgasm). In addition, clitoridectomy is often accompanied by the removal of the girl's labia and the sewing together of remaining raw surfaces, leaving only a small opening for the outflow of urine and menstrual blood, a process known as infibulation. Infibulation itself can have life-long deleterious consequences, including urinary distress, pain during intercourse, and dangerous complications during labor and the delivery of children.

In a rite of passage, an elder removes girls between ages 4 and 8 of their genitalia, usually without anesthesia. The procedure leaves the girls permanently scarred, unable to ever have normal sex lives. Long-term complications include sexual frigidity, genital malformation, delayed menarche, chronic pelvic complications, recurrent urinary retention and infection, and an entire range of obstetric complications whereas the fetus is exposed to a range of infectious diseases as well as facing the risk of having his or her head crushed in the damaged birth canal. More here (check the links out)

If you still think the above is acceptable, I must then conclude you and I are definitely from starkly different civilization. My stand on FGM is no way: it is brutal, it is cruel, it's inhumanFGM must be outlawed, there is no room for compromise.

Death To Female Circumcision!

About the other question by la bona
"OK, let's say circumcision is not important, then why bother to do it?",

is it fair if I ask another question "Body piercing is also not important in life, then why many young westerners bother to do it?"?

Body piercing is a hobby, it is strictly optional and voluntary. It is normally done by teenagers whose brains are already working, not helpless babies. Female circumcision is akin murder, you force it on helpless baby girls and you just bloody ruin her life forever, beside all the life-long deleterious consequences mentioned above, she will never know what the hell is an orgasm, ever and forever!

And if you still think it is alright to rob a girl of her capability to experience orgasm, you might want to consider relocating to the zoo.

In Islam, female circumcision is never ever made compulsory. If you want to do it, fine, and if not, it is fine too. So, why do we need to bother yourself with this issue?

I don’t think Female Circumcision can be categorized as a voluntary exercise, not when you do it on baby girls who are yet to be able to form an opinion.

I am bothered because it is barbaric to the highest order. To say it in one word, it is INHUMAN!

Discussing about fighting AIDS, fighting poverty, finding a best technique to educate our young generation, how to become a good husband/wife, are far more beneficial than discussing this topic.

Sure but Female Circumcision is as bad as any of the topic you have just mentioned, if not worse.

And we got some interesting feedback from Sara, an Iraqi Muslim lady who defies what is her word ‘extreme culturism’. Here are excerpts of her comments on the dark side of Culture and Religion.

First of all, she thinks Female Circumcision not accepted and among others, she questions the ideology of worshipping and who is God? Is he a man, Holy Spirit, or simply an Inhuman? How do we connect to Him though? This is where things go rather wrong ... Some get baptised, some get radicalized (I assume she meant terrorism), some turn to worship fellow Prophets or messengers that are believed to be sent by God himself to make us believe in Him.

Now if Circumcision came from the actions of a man that was a Prophet or Messenger more than 1500 years ago and if it's done now, then it turns into this idea of 'follow the vice leader' (Mohammed pbuh?). The same with Muslims....Many Sunnis see Prophet Mohammed as someone to be worshipped, yet they deny that they do. Everything he DID, the people today seem to do and make excuses that they are allowed to do it because they should be following everything Mohammed PBUH did do (Muslims are idolaters?). This is where things get messy and where it divides believers upon religion, eg: Sunni and Shia. This is where many Muslims are still behaving as if they live in the olden days where they live in tribes and disregard the real era we are living in … The Dark side of Culture and Religion .... that's what it really is.

Well said, Sara … I have shut myself on Iraq after witnessing how a beast named Al-Zaqarwi beheaded two civilians on video but after reading this piece of comment from our dear Sara, I think I am falling in love with Iraq again

Again, DEATH TO Female Circumcision!


Blogger La Bona said...

comments from an older entry ...

poopernut said...

Female circumcision…

One thing we must really, really keep in mind is that no matter what we think about it personally (and personally I thank God everyday for my sweet clitoris and feel it is a great blessing), other cultures often have their different ways of creating meaning and value and connection with God and with each other. This is not just a mainstream religion issue (if it truly is at all). In my education, this is something that I thought happened more often NOW in indigenous cultures, as part of ceremonies for women (and usually by women), a coming of age of sorts. And sometimes, an empowering act. This is something I found in researching a bit about female circumcision in Sierra Leone, among some of the indigenous groups there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_circumcision

Many have also argued that for as long as this practice has gone on, particularly in Africa, it has only been more recently- last 50 years or so- that is became dangerous- largely due in part to the bankrupting of Africa at the hands of westerners and industrialized Europeans. At this point, indigenous knowledge and ways and medicines had been pretty much destroyed in many ways, yet indigenous folks were still wanting to practice some their age old customs, but no longer had the safe means to do it. So. There’s that.

I am glad awareness is spreading about this, but look with your other eyes-

Speaking as an American, “we” think it is okay to circumcise virtually every male, tell our women they are sluts if they engage in sex freely, pay our women less than men in the same jobs, fire women for giving birth, and treat women like sex objects on every street corner where a billboard can fit. And we still remain a society plagued with violence against women. What high horse of ultimate knowledge are we sitting on that we have the means to say this is wrong? Yes, putting people’s health at risk is not good, and perhaps we do have our finger on something when we say that health is an unalienable human right. But this practice could be done safely and cleanly. Yes, it bugs me too that women are in some cases I am sure, virtually forced into losing their clitorises because of social conditioning and pressure- it breaks my heart. But is it our responsibility to walk into a totally foreign culture and ideology and declare right from wrong? We have not figured that out, even for ourselves.



James Crossley said...

I think poopernut has said the kind of things I would go along with. If there is a perceived problem within a culture about female circumcision then the opposition will probably have to come from within and as I'm aware this is taking place in certain contexts. Imposing rights of wrongs from 'outside' often makes matters worse.

One of my problems is that when there is some focus on these issues there tends to be implied the view that Christiainity, Western civilisation (whatever that's supposed to mean) is somehow inherently better than the given hated culture or religion of the time. Islam has been given this role by many Christians. It is of course quite inaccurate to do this but it happens accompanied by a focussing on anything that seems outrageous to us without looking at what parts of Western culture of Christianity or whatever may seem outrageous to outsiders.

As for circumcision in Judaism, it is a male thing. Women, at least according to conventional Jewish law, go through an immersion.

1:27 PM  
Blogger VI said...

For those who think female circumcision is okay, they should also DISABLE (via chemical or knife) all nerves to the male penis... just so we are all on alevel playing field here.

that is all

3:14 PM  
Blogger AbandonedHero said...

While I can see why this is an issue, I don't believe that it's more important than poverty. Jesus often spoke of helping the poor, and healing the sick. While it's not certain if AIDS was an epidemic during these times, AIDS could be seen as a sickness. Thus, it is not nearly as important.

6:04 PM  
Blogger cassandreos said...

I think we could add the end (elimination) of female circoncision as one form of the moral progress..



12:19 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Now male circumcision is one thing, but female is another entirely. It is an incredibly cruel and unpleasant act - not just because of the pain and mutilation involved, but also because of the element of male control and patriarchal dominance that's tied up with it.

There is no real justification in the Semitic monotheistic religions for this – no more than foot binding in older Japanese cultures. Any attempt to draw comparisons with the covenant of Israel falter pretty quickly, for this is an expression control of one gender by another.

11:04 AM  

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