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Friday, August 26, 2005

Idolating is faithful?

Continuing from 'Jewish Jesus & Gentile Christianity' ... It appears there is a general consensus that Christianity is better off as a Gentile religion rather than a Jewish one.

I imagine the whole world will be in chaos if all of a sudden the Christian faithful decided to live like Jesus (just like Osama & Company trying to emulate Prophet Mohammad) by going to Church on Friday, keeping a strict Kosher diet and of course, things are never complete without a painful circumcision.

Idolating is faithful?

Sara is certainly succinct in saying most faithful of both Islam and Christianity are idolaters without even realizing it. But I imagine if we do not idolize or fanaticize, God is probably going to have a hard time finding a strategic spot in our mind … I say it’s truly a Catch 22 situation, what say you?

As for the notion “devote to get closer to God”, I’d got some new enlightenment to share with you …

Enlightenment I

“There is no absolute eternity in this material world”
(Eternix 1.12.123 designate)

Enlightenment II

"God created the world to be evolving and as such, we as His children must do what it takes to make the best out of the prevailing situation so as to live our life to the fullest.”
(Evoluxion 1:11:111 designate)

(NB: Kindly note that all classic words such as ‘ye’, ‘thee’, ‘thy’ etc. will be stripped off for simplicity sake)

Why Semites?

Lastly, there is another question I haven’t been able to find a answer all this while …

Why did God only come to us via the Semites (who are minority, speak a niche language and are not known to be very universal in many ways)?

Why God never do it say via a Chinese, a Latino or perhaps a black Negro? Does God discriminate? Is God racist?

Let me know if you have any idea pertaining to the exclusive arrangemnet between the Semites and G-d.

Do you really think we are all children of Abraham? Is that a possibility at all? Why then are we so different from each other (I imagine a black and a white can't possibly have the same ancestor ... I meant starting from Abraham)?

I’d follow up with an alternative view that reject the notion ‘We are all children of Abraham’.

(NB: Semites refer th sons of Shem who come in all shapes and colors that include even people like Arabs and Ethiopians ... Now I wonder what was Adolf Hiler thinking? He must be very sick then ...)


Blogger Creationism said...

Why did God only come to us through the Semites?

Emmm, indeed an intriguing question.

Looks like it is only reasonable for God to also appear in other communities and I am sure he did but why is it not widely mentioned?

La Bona, I am waiting for you to post something on creationsm, this is my area, don't let me down.

12:51 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Yes Sir
Your wish is my command

11:22 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

I prefer the term 'icons' to 'idols'.

“But I imagine if we do not idolize or fanaticize, God is probably going to have a hard time finding a strategic spot in our mind … I say it’s truly a Catch 22 situation…”

There’s a strong tension in theistic religions, between having a God that’s relevant and tangible, and a God who’s not imprisoned within specific things of this world. There’s a particularly difficult line to trace in Christianity, where the basis is the incarnation of God – where God has a human face. I tend to go along with a sacramental perspective, that sees this specific revelation of God – as one of us – as being a sign of the general nature of God’s involvement with the world. Kinda like, if he can become ‘one of us’ as a first century Jew, then he’s intimately involved in every other people – everything that is – in this world. The only way we can experience transcendence is through the material things of our world. But this doesn’t mean that the transcendent is limited to one material part or another – nor that our materiality is the limit to all that is, and the potential in the universe.

“Why did God only come to us via the Semites…?”

To some within the ‘Semitic religions’ (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) and their offshoots (eg. Bahaism), it is as if God has only really spoken within such a faith stream – or at least authentically. But this is only if the divine is seen in a particular way. Look out a bit, and we see God’s involvement right across the world through many different faith streams. It’s not really tenable to deny that Hinduism, for example, hasn’t a narrative of God’s involvement with people – when there are stories of avatars of the transcendent divine.

It’s possible to think of us all as potential children of Abraham, when we look at missionary faiths. But the concept must be shorn of all sectarianism – be kept ever so inclusive – in the context of our greater awareness of the truth to be found in other faiths (and visa versa).

10:10 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

PL, I generally concur with what you said.

Just one point, do you accept God might have gone 'appeared' elsewhere such as the far east and perhaps in the form of Buddha? And that the Semites do not have exclusivity over God?

4:57 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

I think I get what you're saying.

“do you accept God might have gone 'appeared' elsewhere such as the far east and perhaps in the form of Buddha? And that the Semites do not have exclusivity over God?”

I think it’s good idea to respect the integrity of religions. So I would be wary of using my fairly Semitic-influenced European theism to talk about Indian subcontinent theism. But I would like to think the same divine that I believe in, that I’ve experienced through Jesus Christ, might be involved in the lives of Hindus of India – that the inspiration of God is to be found in the enlightenment and compassion of the Buddha.

None of us can claim the exclusive hold on that which transcends everything that is, despite the ‘truth claims’ we try and cook up. But we can wish to see our distinctiveness upheld – which necessitates talking about the God of Christians without fear of that being different to how an Indonesian Muslim finds life.

6:37 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...


Glad you see the essence ... Relevancy is perhaps one of the more applicable word here.

10:17 AM  
Blogger ming said...

the chinese have a history of a creator god, tho there was an emperor who "wanting to be god" erased from the records and replaced with the dities that the chinese now believe in..

1:01 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...


A Chinese Creator God?

This is serious business, let us have more details please.

NB: A Chinese wrote to me about Huang Di who is a the Son of Heaven, I'd put up an entry on him soon.

12:45 PM  

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