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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Male Circumcision: To do or not to do? (I)

An interesting overview by Mary G. Ray

Quite a number of famous child care experts and doctors recommend against circumcision in their books. Dr. Dean Edell has expressed oposition against infant cirumcision for at least 15 years now. Sheila Kitzinger very emphatically recommends that parents leave their sons intact. Dr. Lendon Smith goes into detail explaining the foreskin’s purposes and giving all the reasons why circumcision should not be performed. Dr. Spock, in his most recent book, stated “I feel that there’s no solid medical evidence at this time to support routine circumcision.” He recommends “leaving the foreskin the way Nature meant it to be.” Penelope Leach also recommends against routine circumcision. Click here to see the list of their books.

8/6/02 Fox News Channel Routine Procedure or Child Abuse?

8/1/02 Men's News Daily Circumcision Case to Proceed to Trial March 1, 1999: After a two year investigation, the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that the "potential medical benefits" of infant circumcision aren't significant enough and therefore, they do not recommend it as a routine procedure.For more information, CLICK HERE

Routine Infant Circumcision [RIC] is not practiced in most medically advanced nations. Unlike American parents, few parents worldwide are actually faced with this choice. Their babies are automatically brought home intact. 82% of the world’s living men are intact. Few people are aware of the fact that circumcision was introduced to our culture in an attempt to eliminate masturbation.

Do not forfeit this decision out of respectful submission to your doctor. There are many benefits to keeping the foreskin intact. Typically, American doctors have limited knowledge in these areas. Many are totally unaware that the foreskin actually requires no special care.

People mistakenly believe the circumcised penis is cleaner. (Mohammad is one of them?) The myth that the penis with a foreskin is difficult to clean is exactly that -- a myth. Cleaning is so simple, it’s amazing that people fret so much about it. The big hoopla over hygiene is pure and unnecessary paranoia. See also: Smegma Beneficial Not Bad

Circumcision is painful. Although many suggest that anesthesia solves that problem, there are risks associated with anesthesia, including recent death. It isn't always effective and the needle itself is extremely painful.

Some medical and childbirth professionals recommend that expectant parents request permission from their hospital to observe a circumcision being performed. There are also videos available. As with any medical event, people should be made aware of what exactly is involved. This site and others describe the details of all the different circumcision methods.

Some children are surprised to learn that their penis has been cut and that a part of it has been discarded. Some have to live with circumcisions that had unsatisfactory results and the pursuit of foreskin restoration is not uncommon. You may read a written account and actually see the progress of one man's restoration process thru his photos over the course of several months. Foreskin Restoration Personal Journal

Circumcision does not guarantee a problem free penis. In fact, in many cases it is the very thing that initiates numerous problems. Careful cleaning must be performed. Infections of the raw wound are common. Remaining Foreskin Reattaching (Adhesions)

To be continued ... Male Circumcision: To do or not to do? (II)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets talk history a bit La Bona.....this may take up your time. Its a bit long..sorry lol

I will not argue what God said, because what makes a faith of God to be among 3 faiths as well as minor ones depend on how one connects to Him, and what one would do to show your faith to God. Now, among all the 3 main faiths, we have had our times of following 'important people' perhaps Prophets, or messengers of God. However, no one can really confirm the truth that Moses was a faithful man, or if Mohammed was. History books are as biased as any other book, regardless of its age and time it was written. We can all say something that may abide by the history books, at times even with Holy books.

The sad problem I see is, many believers of God use these important figures of humans
as a core to getting closer to God. I dont mean to be rude but I like to tell what I see things as; Christians use Jesus as a path to God...may it be apart of the Trinity, or simply a messenger of God. Likewise for Muslims, they see Mohammed like a figure to follow from top to bottom, inside out...he may have been the seal of the prophecy, and the one in which the Quran was revealed to, but come on, that doesn't mean Muslims have to praise Mohammed to every bit. It doesnt mean Muslims should signify every details of their life
to how Mohammed lived his. Religion isnt just from the past, its for ALL times. Day and Night.
From Monday to Sunday. A Religion of God should have the ability to adapt at all times. And many do not prove that. While the rest of the world were re-building their countries with buildings, infrastructure, Arabs or Muslims had practically refused to go further along with the updates and new lifestyles of living. Now, the West does not sound so 'great' to me, but then again, neither does the 'Arab world' either. Both sides
have its flows and all religions claimed to be the one religion of God seem to have believers that persist to idolise the 'great man' who brought upon goodness to the people. Yet God did not say to stay back and continue to live in the same old ways of hell and torture in wars, and death. But wait then again, we still have wars now....coming from the West and East. I think war is our culture....death and blood is our culture too and it will continue
that way until the very very end of days. Our people will never learn unless God really does shed on us true light to the truth if he loves us so very much. God loves his creations but he wants us to learn a lesson based upon what happened from Adam and Eve.
I am a proud Muslim, but for me to be a true Muslim is to simply follow the 5 pillars of Islam and to continue upgrading myself with it. I dont need to do this and that. I dont need to wear the veil if I am not ready for it and I never have worn it, even in the Middle East apart from Mosques. I dont need to go preach anymore as our people did thousands of years ago. Life then was about turning a whole people to their faith and
their lifestyles; it simply was about gaining the power in a more straightforward, obvious way. Now, we have to fish out the truth and lies from a leader to see if he is trying to gain power indirectly and secretly. Leaders today do not say "I want to rule this land for power and money" as leaders hundreds of years ago did. Why? Because people in general got fed up. They dont care about the leadership of more land and a bigger Empire.

However, we do have people who care about gaining believers into their religion, let alone 'self preservation' which is a very MAIN element for the continuation of a rich and strong nation. What would a nation do to stand high and tall? To preserve itself. As is USA is doing...and that, for example, was done by an attack on Afghanistan+Iraq. Its natural,
though wrong, but its natural of human beings. ANY ACT that was done at the start of this
life, should be seen normal of humanity. You may think Im nuts but killing is normal. That doesnt mean its right, but its normal for us to do it, even though it is wrong going by our faith/religion.
The main factor with the West and East is, the West grew out of its big tangle to its culture...we all came from the same place...our people thousands of years ago, were not of great numbers as now..and they didnt move from place to place as we do now. Thereby, we are all one people who once had the same idea of cultural practices. The West, I believe, grew out of it and wanted to change which it did, yet still holds some pieces of its past culture. The Middle East stuck on to its chunck ofculture...good, yet rather dangerous in this century.

I enjoy culture, I mean hey, I went to a Turkish restaurant this Friday and loved it. I love my roots and the traditional people..and as of Iraqis, they are not of one type. They are remnants of all cultures and history which makes it even more unique and beautiful. Regardless, I am Arab as much as I am Human. I hold values that my grandparents had yet
in an even more civilised way during the 21st century. But I don't let my family past get to me in what I do, and what I say. In history, circumcision of Males were high..they may have believed in the craziness but it occurred. And it continues to occur among
all faiths...and can also be justified from Scriptures. Circumcision is just one of many
cultural acts...its a way of life. A life our ancestors lived and believed. I cant tell you circumcision is in our Holy books, but I believe it was done by many
important figures of the messengers/prophecy. And that makes it cultural more than
it is religious. Compare this to the clothes Christian Nuns wear
and Muslim women do. Never had I seen a verse in the Quran saying 'Cover your hair'. I only remember reading the verse 'and lower your gaze towards others'. That too, in my belief is more cultural than religious. God wants us to not show off but to be
modest in 21st century. To wear things that dont need to grab attention. He does not want us to be materialistic. He wants us to be simple, and feel satisfied and feel good by being who you are, by the personality you are given and the people you interact with.
I dont defy male circumcision because it is not completely of my choice to think what I say is the truth. But I do know Female Circumcision is a whole entire case where people think that 'if Men get circumcised because theyre unclean, then so should women'.

That's a kind of a trail of thought...a use of history, past, and culture that still infests in our daily lives. This is one of the many reasons why, as a Muslim, I stand alone on my faith for its a relationship between me and God, and no one else. The basis ideology of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to my belief is what is seen of God Himself. I believe God is Allah, One and Inhuman, and I believe in all Prophets...and that for me, is what it takes to be a follower of Islam. I dont need to wear anything to prove my belonging. I only need to prove my
love and committment to God. No one else.

I certainly do know we all have culture hanging to our necks and I believe it will not stop, may it fade or be obvious at certain areas of the world. But I do know that it can be decreased and people should try to refrain from getting too cultural, for culture of more than 1000 years old is what makes us be backward more than a religion of God would.

8:06 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Thanks Sara.

So you reckoned circumcision is kust part of the culture, not exactly a religious element ... This I must say I do share your view.

However and as far as I know, in Islam, circumcision has been 'made' by followers of Mohammad as part of the religion. There are verses in Hadith (I think) that mentioned this particular ritual.

I must digest your input a little before commenting further and my position right now is this cultural or otherwise religious (it is commanded by God to the Jews ... but then the holy book in question is yet another highly questionable source) practice must not be imposed on non-thinking people, it should be optional at best.

As for FGM, I still think it should be outlawed altogether.

9:50 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

"So you reckoned circumcision is kust part of the culture, not exactly a religious element ... This I must say I do share your view."

I may share the reformed Jewish perpsective that male circumcision is not an absolitely necessary element of thier covenant with Yahweh. But it must be aknowledged that, insofar as it's a religion that is traced back to the original Abrahamic covenent, it is tied up with the religion. The female form does not have those roots, and, like vieling, can be seen as a later innovation in some followers of some religions.

"practice must not be imposed on non-thinking people, it should be optional at best."

I would question the sense in making religion a practice of choice, primarily. We would all be the poorer if it were simply a matter of what we could select, bunch together, and rationally debate. That there is a sense of mystery, and discovery, is surely quite vital to any religious sense that realistically aknowledges not all of life can be immediately understood at any time?

Some would decry infant baptism, as it's not the same ability to make a personal declaration of faith. I would value it having been doen with me, because faith is about more than myself as a single unit. There needs to be an awareness of the numinous, transcendent, and relational - expressions of our part in things that go beyond what we can grasp in our own hands.

11:19 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

ps. I realise the phrase "...beyond what we can grasp in our own hands." might be unfortunate in all this talk of willies! Ah well ;P

11:19 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Post Liberal: “it's a religion that is traced back to the original Abrahamic covenent, it is tied up with the religion.”

So the key is Abraham.

How do we know there was no miscommunication between Abraham and God as far as circumcision is concerned?

I have read a lengthy write up on Abraham before and it appears there is really nothing solid historically about him; there isn’t any proper evidence to support even he is what he is described by the Bible.

So does it make sense to submit our life to something based upon such flimsy facts?

My take is having faith in life or God is not the same as having a faith blindly.

Look at it this way … If Kosher can be abrogated (among others) by Paul & company which render Christendom such a huge success in term or population, why can’t such irrelevant ancient practice like circumcision be officially nullified?

If it is about going against God’s words, then Christianity has nothing to do with God in the first place (because it has gone against God’s words many times over).

Christianity is what it is today simply because it (or should I say Paul & Company) dares to break away from the norm ...

I know it is hard to put forward something that is against what is written in the holy books as this may weaaken the faith but it is not impossible ... and I reckoned it must done from time to time just to stay relevant.

12:55 PM  

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