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Monday, August 15, 2005

Osama bin Laden is NOT Human?

Someone tipped me off that Osama bin Laden is actually a Jewish bastard ... Now I got even more worried because the result I got from FaceAnalyzer.com pertaining to this violent terrorits is a terrifying ... 'No Archetype Found!'

It's amazing the sophistiscated algorithm installed at
FaceAnalyzer.com could't find a match for Mr. Laden. Don't believe me? Try this link http://www.faceanalyzer.com/member.aspx?id=46903

So Osama bin Laden is not a human being? He is an ET? An agent of God or could it be he is actually God himself … just like Jesus Christ? What? Mr. Laden is the Messiah? No, most probably a ghost ... I am stoned.

Have fun.

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Blogger Madonna said...

I imagine at least one will match this guy -- Jacko Wacko -- both of them like to play with chimps and they are both pedophiles )-

10:59 AM  
Blogger Noirkudus said...

Dear La Bona.

I really wonder why u are always like to discuss a petty matter like this.

Its crying shame that a people like you can be threatened by only Osama bin Laden.

If he is not human so why u are shivering? If he is really never exist in this universe, so it is true that he is the creation of United State as a real terrorist... is it right??

Sorry because I am not comment on your previous post about circumcission. I have no time to debate with you pertaining such issue which I think it is very clear to us.

Actually, I am willing to take part with the issue which is raised by you in this website, but I really hesitate with your purpose. What is your purpose actually?? What I am looking from my side, you just want to get popularity instead of to find the truth. even you claim that what you have tell us is the truth, that is divined by God which the God inspired u, but I believe only a stupid people like u will take part in the discussion in this website.

I have wrote a new article about theory of evolution, which I believe so many people in the west believe with darwin. So, what is your opinion about it, Can u ask your God to clarify this matter? but In islam there are no such stupid idea that human are evolved from a monkey.

that's all...

9:58 PM  
Blogger The Inquisitor said...

You can't blame this site's administrator, s/he is after all catering to the desires of the masses for the sensational. We should not forget that most of the planet's inhabitants are stripped of their right to express or possess a personality that is worth expressing because of the pressures of the capitalist system to conform. That is why they worship any 'celebrity' they can lay their senses on.

Blogs enable the masses the avenue to get a piece of the limelight where the limelight is supposed to be a virtue in itself. Just as those 'celebrities' are treated like Gods because of the limelight rather than because they are doing anything good, meaningful or virtuous. So with 'blogs', everyone's got a potential piece of the pie. If most people are as superficial as what i've described above, quality would not be appreciated in the first place. Therefore, the fools have to do a jig in a clownsuit to get the attention of fools. That is when they become pseudo-'celebrities'. And that is why the person behind this site either posts items like this or don't know any better than to post items like this.

Check out most 'blogs' which are basically trivial accounts of equally trivial lives. This kind of site definitely stands out and people with trivial blogs recounting information about their trivial and trivialised lives would definitely be attracted to trivial sensations such as that which this article provides. No insult intended to this site's admin.

Till we can exert the requisite amount of control over the system that trivialises our existence, most will be incapable of including anything worth appreciating in 'blogs' or otherwise.

"The Unexamined Life is one that is yet to be Lived."
- the heretic


10:32 PM  
Blogger The Inquisitor said...

oh, p.s. perhaps you ought to have removed Osama's beard before subjecting it to FA.

Secondly, FA, as far as traits are concerned is correlational. In other words, perhaps associations are made between existing prominent people and their traits and their facial features. This is scientifically invalid for a number of reasons and can be disregarded in its entirety. It actually indicates the extent to which people with particular face traits have been treated or view themselves. If these perceptions change, their social traits would also change. In other words, these are 'perception-dependent'. It serves as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If i'm not mistaken FA is an american site right. It is generally them who are superfical or shallow enough to produce such nonsense.

10:39 PM  
Blogger jonathan said...

This is boring and kinda dumb. The site sounds like it was founded by a fourteen year old nerd in his basement....

Why don't you "god"-driven people talk about something fun, like the end of the world or something?

10:24 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Jonathan the adult,

We'd be talking about it. What do you know about doomsday? Care to share with us the kids?

10:25 AM  

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