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Friday, August 05, 2005

Persecution of Sky Kingdom III

In a country where the government claims Freedom of Religion is guaranteed by their Constitutions

Not a single lawyer dares to represent faithful of Sky Kingdom!

Details here: No counsel for Sky followers

Looks like faithful of the Sky Kingdom need some help from the Devil's Advocate ...

I used to think existing religions are mostly discriminatory, intolerant and now, I am quite convinced the word barbaric is also quite relevant.

Here is an interesting article on persecution of Sky Kingdom …

The mess we are in
by Salbiah Ahmad

The demolition of the famed Sky Kingdom and the rooting out of alleged deviants is testimony of our intolerance of the other.

Islam in Malaysia is an intolerant Islam as practiced by some of its adherents, including the mob-agent provocateurs cum arsonists who torched property and endangered lives of the villagers. The intolerant Muslims include those with the local authority and the police who failed to protect the human rights of the villagers and instead became part of the aggressors as they stood by while the Sky Kingdom was demolished on July 31.

Ayah Pin was found a deviant by a state syariah court which applied a Terengganu state fatwa issued in 1997. He has been convicted and he has served his sentence. He is free to believe in what he wants to believe.

I have in a number of previous columns explored the alternative interpretive views on apostasy as a crime. Whatever the juristic opinions that were selected in local state legislation for the offences of deviancy and apostasy, and rehabilitation for recantation, these opinions cannot recommend continued harassment.

Well, I wonder why Miss Ahmad wouldn’t take up the challenge to represent the 'victims'? She is after all a distinguished legal counsel in Malaysia, isn't she?


Blogger La Bona said...

couple of interesting comments at The Eclectic Econoclastto share with you ...

by Sudha Shenoy

1. The Taliban are a particularly narrow, backward sect -- they know _only_ the narrowest possible interpretation of the Koran, & absolutely nothing else. In all other respects, they are backward, ignorant tribals. They know as much about _other_ varieties of _Islam_ as the man in the moon, never mind anything beyond.

2. In Malaysia, Islamists with very narrow views have got hold of the state apparatus & thus are able to persecute new sects.

3. There is a very real tension throughout the Islamic world between the 'modernisers' & the reactionaries. If people identify 'Islam' with the narrow, hidebound views of the reactionaries, then the latter will have won a significant battle over the would-be reformers.


by Pooh

Unlike many other religions, Jews do not believe that there is only one route to God. According to rabbinical teaching a Jew has no more chance of making it into the afterlife than anyone else; righteousness is the primary issue and not adherence to a particular faith. Chosenness confers no privilege on the Jewish people, but it does impose many burdens. So why do religious Jews accept these burdens not just willingly but joyfully? Simply because they have been commanded by God.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Maryellen said...

i'd have more fun discussing the excellent, if somewhat disturbing movie you depicted in this post, that the post itself.
as American Christians are slowly beginning to understand, constitutional law, legistlation, and politics have little to do with the Kingdom of God, which by the way, is at hand.
Hey, La Bona, I just heard a teaching on TV that claimed Prince Charles is the Anti Christ...
why not look into that one????

6:04 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

"Prince Charles is the Anti Christ"

Alright, I'd see if I can find something on this one ...

7:13 PM  

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