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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Why Paul’s Christianity is way better … II

Continuing from the previous entry on ‘Why Paul’s Christianity is way better ... I?'

I consider the abrogation on practice or belief like Sabbath, Circumcision, Kosher, Idolating as absolutely sensible

1. Belittled Sabbath

Maybe it was rebellious on the part of Peter/Paul (I seriously doubt Jesus has a role in the abrogation process) to 'belittle' the Sabbath which is the standing order No. 3 supposedly ordered by God via Moses (refer the Ten Commandments) .... but does it really matter, particularly to His Children of the 21st century?

What good is it to rest on Friday when practically 85% of the world is wrapping up for the week or awaiting their paycheck on Friday?

I am sure God wouldn’t want to disturb the prevailing order of the world ie. majority of the world is resting on Sunday; so I think it would be more sensible for the ‘Sabbath’ compliant faithful to appeal to God to nullify the standing order No. 3 (of the Ten Commandments) so that higher productivity could be attained instead.

Trust me; God is ready to say ‘Okay’ … All you have to do is just make an official request.

2. Never Circumcise

Honestly, I really don’t see how foreskin of genital (mind you, Jews and Muslims circumcise both boys and girls!) is a proper form of Covenant with God, does anyone know the answer?

As far as I am concerned, lets say foreskin was the only permanent (legal) media back then, I am sure there are better options today. What say you to have the Covenant with God burned on a digital media like DVD-W? Personally, I’d want to have it imprinted and embossed on a copperplate for cosmetic reasons ... I love copper!

So I say Paul is absolutely succinct on this count ...

3. Idolating (God)

In the first place, I fail to see a good reason why we shouldn’t idolate or idolize?

As far as I am concerned, idolating is motivating, inspirational and as such, it’s progressive and perhaps fulfilling … No?

Let say your kid idolizes President Bush and that he aims to become a president someday ... Isn't this a positive phenomenon, I imagine this can't be wrong, can it?

Of the same, I imagine a 'No Idolater' world is one that forbid all unreal figures eg. no Barbie Doll, no Harry Potter, no Mickey Mouse ... What fun is there left on earth? Please refer to 'God hates Harry Potter?' for details on the argument.

Among others, I see arts as one of the biggest issue here, if not the biggest one. See, fine arts is itself an unreal subject ... things like 'Cubism', 'Surrealism' or the latest 'Bonaism' etc. are 'unreal' ideas that work wonder. Without them, there will be no creativity, no culture and there will be no clor in life ... I'd port this to a new topic to talk about 'color' of life.

I suspect there must be a misunderstanding somewhere along the history on this particular topic …Does anyone have a clue?

4. Abrogated Kosher

Finally, Kosher is what I consider the X-factor of the ‘new’ Christianity … I can say it with much confidence that without the abrogation of the Kosher Law, Christianity can never attain even a quarter of its membership figure that is in place today.

A little bit of backgrounder on Kosher here … God knows who invented this diet rule (I am sure the intention was noble back then) that forbid the faithful of Judaism (and later Islam) to consume such delicacies like bacon, cheeseburger, lobster or just about anything that is not physically inspected (or should I say ‘blessed’) by Rabbi or Mullah!

The list is as I mentioned before … runs longer than the toilet roll (stretched)!

If you think this is just another minor 'absurdity' in our society that does not affect you, then you better think again. This diet rule actually has a extremely profound impact on our societies, it affects everyone!

For this particular one, I'd like say "Peter & Paul, thank you ... Love & Kisses"

One thing I don't quite understand is how come Prophet Mohammad never abrogate the Kosher practice? He didn't know Paul? Or could it be he has no idea there are billions of non-Kosher people (Gentiles) out there? Oh, I forgot, there was no Internet back then ...

Among others and most of us may not even realize it … All of us are forced to pay a ‘Kosher Tax’ (ongoing since 1999) that no one is ever consulted, let alone consented!

Sounds like an unbelievable fact? You better believe it. I'll blog about this mega topic in a brand new series as this 'big' talk won't fit here … Stay tuned for how the Kosher rules has ripped us off … big time!

Meanwhile, you may want to check it out first at ‘What Is Kosher?’ ...


Blogger -[Uh-miR]- said...

IMHO, Aren't the reasonings given a little one dimentional? I may not be the best person to comment, but..

1. Belittled Sabbath
Imagine if it were the Jews and Muslims that created the calender we are using now.. Would not "Sunday" fall on Friday instead? Would you not start the week on Sunday and end it on Thursday? Would Sunday still be called sunday, and Friday still be called Friday? Its all so trivial in the end isnt it?

2. Circumcision
If there is absolutely no religious reasoning behind this, we at least have to ask those who do so without religious adherence. Maybe they see some benefit in doing it, or otherwise. By the way, does genetalia with or without foreskin make much of a difference?

3. Idolating God
I am personally not a fan of the practice of Idolating anyone (God or otherwise). I do see a point in striving to become, but I do not see a point in copying and moulding yourself to one specific idea of success/(pick your own superlative). If you must, you should have your own identity. Be your own person. Have your own beliefs.

4. Kosher
This may be outdated practice, but, correct me if im wrong, the whole point of having kosher food was to ensure that what we eat is clean.Its not just about getting food inspected, but encompassed slaughter practices, hygiene, food preparation and so on. Judging from the abbatoirs we currently have, kosher or no kosher, makes no difference. Its a dirty messy place. As for pork, the truth is out there. No one has given me a satisfactory answer.

Just my point of view on things..

7:29 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...


1. Sabbath,

’Sunday’ = ‘Friday’ and vice versa … That is precisely the point, the only different is only one has a prefix ‘Sun’ and there other ‘Fri’. I say it time for ‘standardization’.

2. Circumcision

Other than some medical reasons for a small segment of the society, I believe its significance is cultural and should therefore be rendred optional.

3. Idolating God

”Be your own person. Have your own beliefs”
Good on ya. Guess most people tend to look upon a greater, if not the greatest person eg. leader, star or hero etc., as a role model. One reality here; Some people are born leader, most people are born followers. Some like to think outside the box, mostly like to follow the norm …

4. Kosher

”outdated practice”
Not yet … not until there is a new 'Paul' for the Jews and Muslim respectively, Kosher is still hip.

“the whole point of having kosher food was to ensure that what we eat is clean”
Theoretically, yes but in reality, there are other considerations … $$$ is one.

“As for pork, the truth is out there. No one has given me a satisfactory answer”
What have you gathered on the ‘Babe’so far?

11:09 AM  
Blogger : JustaDog said...

Just light up that pipe and pass it to me....

What BS!

1:29 PM  
Blogger erica Lubavitch said...

Wow La Bona, you've got a great sense of humor! Those are great jokes! The only one I never heard before was about Jews and Muslims circumcising GIRLs. But its a great joke nonetheless. Where'd you hear it?

3:07 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

erica Lubavitch,
See the new entry: Female Circumcision for a clue

11:04 PM  

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