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Thursday, September 01, 2005

God created man? (III)

We learned our eyes are such a lousy gadget even mollusks could knock us out flat in round one … Shame on us the most intelligent animals on earth? Not quite ...

Well, you gain some, you loose some … That is the law of the nature.

All worldly subjects tend to and will eventually reach the equilibrium at some point” (Equalia 1.00.000 designate)

(Pix: Renaisance artists like Michaelangelo really know how to present imagination realistically eh? I just love Adam the sexy bloke and God the fatherly figure depicted here. I'd try to do one using Miro's technique in the near future ... the comical version of Adam and God?)

We know this world is filled with loads of examples where organs and structures clearly have their roots in the opportunistic modification of a preexisting structure rather than the clean elegance of design.

In another word, EVOLUTION IS REAL, it is not a scientific speculation or a modern myth as some religious quarters argued. I therefore believe the best bet for the faithful communities is to adopt evolution instead of trying to fight against it ... you can't destroy truth, can you?

Similarly, God too is real if only He is being appropriately defined. The way God is presented to us (citizens of the information age) as per existing holy books is not exactly appropriate or perhaps even misleading (read: Not False) or should I say, it just appears too unreal to be true … Sorry for being so direct but this is a reality; I gotta say what I gotta say and some people just gotta do what they gotta do or this world will be forever be in the same old dilemma.

Unless it is all about scientific laws and mathematic equations or something of that nature, anything written millenniums ago, particularly those trying to encompass the whole spectrum of our life (even including such aspect like diet and dress code) can’t possibly be absolutely true and or 100% relevant without periodic reviews, updating or amendment.

For all you know, what is immoral two millenniums ago could very be okay today …

There is no absolute eternity in this material world
(Eternix 1.12.123 designate)

Coming back to evolution, so how does evolution fit into the story of ‘Adam and Eve’? This is one of the biggest challenges the Semitic religions, particularly the Religion of Books ie. Christianity/Islam must face in the 21st century or risk becoming irrelevant and eventually forgotten. Don't forget, books are created by man but men are creation of God, books are static but men are evolving all the times, so is the universe. (See, evolution and creationism can live with each other). We’d talk about it at length in the near future.

Remember, Darwin himself said “Properly understood, it only deepens our respect for the power and subtlety of the Creator's remarkable ways

I am comtemplating to decode The Da Vinci Code with the help of Bill Geeks soon ... Just kidding.


Blogger cassandreos said...

"you can't destroy truth, can you?"

That sounds a bit naïve don't you think? It has been done so many times, and it still is (war in Irak for instance?)


2:56 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Thanks for reminding

Never thought of that ... Indeed, truth can be bent, made up or even turned into hoax, there is nothing much man can't do, really.

You have given me some idea how to aprroach the science/religion conflicts ... I'd check it out soon

Peace + Bless

2:52 PM  

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