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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Outrage over Islamic Law

The fanatics tried again ... This time, they tried to F%@# the law of Canada!

Clash Of Civilization?

Picture: A woman protestor debate with Mubin Sheikh, a defender of Islamic law, at a rally in Toronto on Thursday. About 300 people gathered to protest billed as a global champaign to discourage Ontario from permitting the legal use of Sharia law, religious rules critics considered an affront to human rights.

Hundreds protest Shariah
By CP and Sun Media

Angry demonstrators likened the premier of Ontario to Afghanistan’s extremist Taliban leaders Thursday as they urged Dalton McGuinty to dismiss the idea of allowing the use of Shariah law to settle family disputes.

About 300 people gathered outside the Ontario legislature for a protest billed as a global campaign to discourage the province from becoming the first Western jurisdiction to permit the use of religious rules critics consider an affront to human rights.

Speaker after speaker told the crowd McGuinty was naive to suggest that women’s rights would not be trampled if Ontario allowed the controversial Shariah principles to be used to settle Muslim divorces, custody fights and inheritance disputes.

“These words are not coming from Ayatollahs (or) from Taliban leaders,” Iranian refugee Mahmoud Ahmandi told the crowd.

“It’s coming from the leader of Ontario’s government; shame on you,” he said as the protesters chanted “shame, shame.”

That sentiment was echoed by Homa Arjomand, who helped to co-ordinate a series of protests Thursday across Canada and Europe comprised of members of 100 different women’s and human rights groups.

“Either he (McGuinty) is naive, or he thinks people are stupid,” Arjomand said. “Mr. McGuinty, don’t tell me that all these 100 organizations are all a bunch of man-hating criminals who do nothing but make a fuss over an imaginary threat.”

Amanda Dale of the YWCA warned McGuinty there would be a political price to pay if his government agrees to include Shariah law in the province’s Arbitration Act, as recommended in a report last year by former attorney general Marion Boyd.

“I have one very important message for the premier of Ontario: we know the women’s vote got you in,” Dale said. “It can also get you out.”

Ontario’s flirtations with Shariah had critics across Canada and around the world standing up in protest.

In Montreal, about 100 people turned out in the rain to protest against the use of Shariah law in Ontario. Quebec has passed a law against the use of Muslim tribunals in the province.

Elahe Chokrai-Machouf, head of the Association of Iranian Women in Montreal, said Shariah law hurts the rights of women.

“We came here with the hope of living in a free and democratic and secular country,” Chokrai-Machouf said.

Similar rallies were scheduled for Ottawa and Victoria, and Arjomand said smaller protests were held earlier Thursday in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dusseldorf, Germany, where about 25 protesters picketed outside the Canadian consulate.

Since December, the Liberal government has been sitting on Boyd’s report, which recommends that the province allow and regulate Shariah religious arbitrations in much the same way it does existing Catholic and Jewish tribunals.

Earlier this week, McGuinty said Attorney General Michael Bryant was still reviewing the report on Shariah and would make his recommendations at some point in the future.

Bryant’s office issued a statement promising “there will be no binding family arbitration in Ontario that uses a set of rules or laws that discriminate against women.”

More at 24Hours.ca

Re: "Either he (McGuinty) is naive, or he thinks people are stupid”

No, the premier (McGuinty) is neither naive nor stupid, how can he rised to become head of the most influential province of Canada if he is a fool. It's all politics.

My guess is he wanted to show the Muslim community that his government do care about them ... knowing very well such absurdity (Shariah Law) will be thrown out by the people or when it is tabled for general consensus!

Come to think of it, I might as well volunteer to represent the 'circumcised' community and demand the premier to legitimize the Abrahamic Covenant. Yes, boys and girls, let's all go foreskinless and clitorisless!


Blogger postliberal said...

What happened to your last entry? Why'd you delete it?

7:05 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

No, I didn't delete it, it's supposed to come out after this one and it will ...

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been a while since Ive sent a post here.

I actually disagree with Shariah Law being placed in any western country, not because Shariah Law is bad itself but rather, Muslims cant even use Shariah Law righteously in their own country (Middle east), and nor is it our RIGHT as Muslims in the West to change the Law of the Western life. If we live in their land, your land, and are given the same rights, then Muslims better shut up and stop complaining about 'changing' the Law of the West. Otherwise, they can always go back home and live under the Laws that Muslims are using in the wrong way. I may be Muslim and I love Islam and appreciate being in the West, but if the Government asks me to leave, I would leave...this is not my true home-land. It is theirs and I appreciate every bit of their generousity, regardless of some discrimination we have gotten, but dont we all have that everywhere anyway? This is more than I can ask for being here...I live among non Muslims who have never set upon any great harm, and that itself is something I can take in and just thank the people and their country for.

I love and admire the Peace Activist Letter...S.A.Rehman is TRULY right and my very dearest regards to him if you can, La Bona. He knows what he is talking about thankfully. Glad as heck that I and my family are not the only ones who see these scholars as the basis of hate and unislamic teachings that has little to do with the actual belief of Islam. Such people like Mr Rehman should be standing up and gaining support to go live on air.

Thank you for the posts and apologies for being Absent. Have had a rough few weeks.


6:02 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Apologies - I was confused by that changaround, and jumped the proverbial gun. But it's all sorted now.

7:32 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

If I might add a quick thought to Bagdad. There's nothing about being a Muslim that means you cannot be 'western' per say - there are many who live in this country quite fully, who've been born here just like I have. It's understandable that those people who've come from another country, like yourself, may sometimes feel a tension or duality. But the major problem I would have is with those who're popularly terms "Islamicists", those who would seek to turn this country into a religious state run along conservative Islamic lines. Thier perception of how public and social religion is best expressed is very offensive to me - its not the Islam I worry about, but the kind they extoll. Anyway, such things are quite in the relm of speculation.

Good to have you around, still.

7:38 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

PL "those who would seek to turn this country into a religious state run along conservative Islamic lines."

Tell me which religion, particularly those with Semitic root, wouldn't want to turn a country into a religious state, given a chance?

I see the only difference is while 'golden age' of Christianity may have long passed (6 centuries ago?), Islam still can find some juicy spots to fulfil their whim and fancy.

I say no religious rule. Don't even think of tainting God with dirty politicking.

May Allah make Sara a pioneer 'Lady Liberty' of the Islamic World.

10:37 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

“Tell me which religion, particularly those with Semitic root, wouldn't want to turn a country into a religious state, given a chance?”

I say no religious rule. Don't even think of tainting God with dirty politicking.

I was deliberately very specific with my concerns expressed – because I think that it’s hard-line, self-consciously conservative, religious statehood which we have to worry about. The kind that we see currently enmeshed in the USA’s administration, in the case of Christianity – in a dangerously modern form (no old fashioned ‘past it’s bestness there’!).

My own country, Britain is an interesting example where there’s less tension between secular-minded people and religiously-minded people. We have that delightful compromise, whereby the Church of England is the establishment religion, and partially intertwined with the state, but which manages to be fairly sane – indeed often apathetic – about religion. Barring the odd loonies, like Christian Voice and Reform, there are not the great inquisitions or repressions you might expect. There are man, like myself, who would find it rather worrisome to place a seal between religion and socio-politics – for the concern of a religious life to make God a concern of all parts of life cannot be denied. But that wish to be less fundamentalist-secular, as some would seem to be pushing parts of Western Europe, should not be conflated with bad religion.

I see the only difference is while 'golden age' of Christianity may have long passed (6 centuries ago?), Islam still can find some juicy spots to fulfil their whim and fancy.

Religious revivalism has a funny habit of springing up, just as it’s pronounced dead in overeagerness. In the last few years a lot of attention has been paid to the high-profile colours of the crazy fundamentalist carnival. But don’t discount the resources within more ’moderate’ religion to have an impact in this world – especially beyond the shores of ‘the west’, where we’re all a bit too disaffected in our satisfactions.

Big up to 'Lady Liberty' though...

11:28 AM  

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