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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Intelligent Designer

An intelligent designer in the origins of life?

by Steven Foong

SAB's letter entitled Scientific theories are beyond reasonable doubt is referred.

While many scientific theories are beyond reasonable doubt, Darwinism certainly isn't. I concede that the mainstream today tends toward naturalism but doubts still abound within the scientific community.

One viable challenger to Darwinism is intelligent design, using the notion of "specified complexity" and that certain biological systems, such as the bacterial flagellum, are evidently irreducibly complex and the best way to explain these is to attribute them to design, and not natural laws and chance.

While intelligent design presupposes a disembodied designer, it does not, for it to be a true scientific enterprise, speculate about the designer. Furthermore, a designer need not be a creator, specifically a Creator-God. Whether one will, assuming intelligent design is upheld, ascribe the designing work to the Judeo-Christian-Islam God is more theological than scientific.

Hardcore Darwinists, and I suppose there are many here, should look into researches done by design theorists such as William Dembski honestly and see whether there can be no alternatives to naturalism as far as the origin of life is concerned.

Until the day evolutionists can "account for the emergence of irreducibly complex biological systems", paraphrasing Dembski, I remain doubtful of the theory. Evidences please, not merely creative, wishful thinking and promise of better luck in digging fossils in the future.

And here comes the rebuttal ...

No proof of an intelligent designer

by Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad

In reply to Steven Foong, I would like to say that the intelligent design paradigm is not strictly scientific because it cannot answer the question regarding evidence for the existence of the designer.

It rests on the belief that very complex systems could not have evolved but had to be created in whole and complete. However there have been many counter examples by Darwinists such as Sir Richard Dawkins and others.

Irreducible complexity is irreducible only because its proponents could not envisage an evolutionary pathway to such levels of complexities. But others - Darwinists in particular - have succeeded in proposing plausible evolutionary pathways towards such complex systems without invoking an intelligent designer.

Ultimately the flaw in special creation ideas is that it offers no proof of the existence of a maker or designer. The existence of such a being has to be assumed without proof.

Moreover it cannot be reconciled with other aspects of geology and astronomy. Only Darwinism has survived the acid test of time and evidence to a high degree of rigour and consistency.

What else can I say? Well said, gentlemen.


Blogger Misbahul Huda said...

To prove intelligent design, we have to think beyond our perceptions and beyond the space that we are engulfed in. Then the scientific proof for the existence of a big organism inside whose molecular structure we are living can be observed.details at http://sqsme.blogspot.com

12:48 PM  
Blogger The Hedonese said...

May I ask how would you reconcile Koran with the atheism of Dawkins etc?

Could you also suggest one plausible alternate pathway by which an irreducibly complex organ like the eye could have evolved?

:) I suppose that the alternate pathway has to be functional at the bio-molecular level else we're falling into the Darwin black box again!

10:17 AM  

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